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    New to Forum

    Inshallah i'm sure u'll find many answers in TTI :muslim_child:
  2. A2ayla

    AsSalaamo Alaikum

    welcome to TTI :muslim_child:
  3. A2ayla

    Help me,

    :salam2: i hv this very same problem & i feel terrible about it & of course want to improve on it i'm so glad someone posted something about this & i am going to try some of the advise given too thanx :) :tti_sister:
  4. A2ayla

    Hello to all

    :salam2: sister :) welcome! u'll honestly really like TTI! u'll find many answers here keep in touch...cause i'm a muslim sister that is also re-educating herself in islam :tti_sister:
  5. A2ayla


    :salam2: sister that was very nice to hear u're story sister i am somewhat going through the same situation & my heart is taking me more & more closer to wearing the hijab reading true life stories just help what i'm going through even more inshallah i will be free too soon :)...
  6. A2ayla

    Hijaab is a woman's real beauty

    :salam2: thanks for postin a gr8 read! very imformative :) :tti_sister:
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    :salam2: mashallah that was very beautiful! :) thanx for posting such wonderful hadiths! :tti_sister:
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    wow mashallah :hearts: that was an amazing amazing so inspire me! :SMILY33: i think i'll learn lots from u! this is my 1st wk as a new member & wanting to educate myself more thanx for the gr8 post :tti_sister:
  9. A2ayla

    Psychopath test

    lol good one! i had no idea what to answer! that's good :) hehe :tti_sister:
  10. A2ayla

    Annoying Prayer Habits

    you r so true! i like the way u summed it all together! lol
  11. A2ayla

    What level are u at???

    thanx for posting...i didn't knw thr were stages... & i know which level i stand at :) Inshallah may we all Muslim achieve the highest level :SMILY34: --- muslim sis :tti_sister:
  12. A2ayla

    new member :)

    thanx everyone :) i hv been browsing this's a gr8 site MA! gr8 job to the creators of this site! :shake:
  13. A2ayla

    Arabic lessons on TurnToIslam (from A To Z )

    Mashallah is this a gr8 thread... i want to correct my pronunciation...& i'm getting thr thanx for posting
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    new member :)

    Asalam Alaikum Born & raised in Toronto; from a Muslim family Mashallah...:SMILY231: I’m a busy mother to 3 young daughters Mashallah & of course taking care of the hub too :) Just recently was viewing some YouTube videos on Islam & I came across this website...seems like a very...