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    What If You Found A Watch In The Sand?

    ingrateful people are like wasteful word that people speaks with a very low sense. They are like wasteful element.
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    Blame Ourselves or Blame the Rulers?

    it is true , well guide.
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    I Finally Have a Purpose in Life: Ex Model

    Allahu Akbar!!!, is better than anything in this smallest world and in the hereafter to be fear of Almighty Allah than ordinary things or like ordinary humanbeings. is good to respect your both parents but do not listen to them when they insist to divert you from the truthful and one true...
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    Jannah Surrounded by Difficult Things

    Allah understand us so much more than anybody, in other word, He knew what will happen before we could even have sense of thinking of what will happene. Allahu Akbar, Rain in Nigeria, at lagos Island.
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    Its for a purpose

    Allah testing us to increase us in Faith.
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    Stand firm against evil thoughts

    yes,good habits and well moralis everything in life and also in the hereafter. so i really appreciate your qoute, may Allah increase your knowledge with His mercy. so shall it be, insha Allahu. ameen
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    Really important!The secret name of Allah! Please watch it!!!!

    i do not think someone can see Prophet on him or her dream. Beside, we should practice what is in Hadeeth and follow what Allah says in His Holy book i.e, Al-Qu'ran. Stop saying u dream about prophet and causing confusion. Fear of Allah because His punishment is beyond bearing.
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    This is life is temporarily, we all need to worship Him as if we are seeing Him everyday. Allahu Akbar!!!
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    Assalam allaykum to you brothers and sisters in islam across the globe. we need to make all our Brothers and Sisters in Islam to understand what Islam is all about, especially in African. may Allah forgives us before He take our soul back to Himself.
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    Marriage Advice Needed

    Assalam alaykum, i have lost my both parent and to further more seem so difficult for me in educational level. Am about 30 years of age now, well I have a girl which i love to marry but she always threatening me with different attitude which always making me getting worries so much. I think I...