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  1. Musa abu A'isha


    Uthmaan Radhy Allaahu `Anhu. Non Uthmaan il Khalifah ma Uthmaan bin Mazun.
  2. Musa abu A'isha

    A Deed Few People Practice

    Shaeeh Muslim - 1/418 tells us to say Say Subhaan Allaah, Al-Hamdulillaah, Allaahu Akbar 33 times each. After them, make it 100 by saying - Laa Ilaaha illa Allaahu Wahduhu Laa Shareeka Lah, Lahul-Mulk, wa lahul-Hamd, wa Huwa `Ala Kulli Shay'in Qadeer
  3. Musa abu A'isha


    Si, giustu caru fratillu. - A citta' è Jeddah. Tocca a ti.. Sperjamu a tua dumanda. Si pussu truvari un hadith su' chisto vi lu mustru Inshaa'Allaah.
  4. Musa abu A'isha


    La citta' non è chiamata come la sua nome. E' un sopranome. Questo è la vostra 'clue' -Forse la nonna lo sa cos'è in Arabo..
  5. Musa abu A'isha

    following four imam

    That above post completely misquotes the Shaykh... I don't know which place you pulled that from. On mnay ocasions he himself disagreed with the opinions of all 4 Imams.. A consensus - Ijmaa' is not based upon the 4 Imams, that is a very very poor understanding of Ijmaa', rather it is based...
  6. Musa abu A'isha

    following four imam

    I think what you meant to say is that we many take from either of them. If one follows a maddhab it means he or she takes from it exclusively, and that is how it is understood by all. Most who blindly follow a madhhab demand that the follower only takes from the teachers of his/her madhhab...
  7. Musa abu A'isha

    following four imam

    They are based upon the Qur'aan and the Sunnah in that they use them as some of their sources in deriving rulings. Issues occur when other sources are used, such as Qiyaas, customs of the people (of Madinah), Istihsaan. Many people following the Hanafi madhhab also do not accept Ahad Ahaadeeth...
  8. Musa abu A'isha


    Hai ragione! Ho sbagliato caro fratello, volevo dire che non è la moglie di questo profeta~ Davvero non ho saputo che c'è una citta' di nome Hafsa, suppongo che ci sono due citta' cosi', Hafsa e ______.
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    I'm not sure why the thread is named as so.. However I was 17 then and 23 now.
  10. Musa abu A'isha

    my hobby is halal?

    Akhi, these games in themselves are Halaal, but by overplaying we can make them Haraam. It is true that they won't bring us closer to Allaah, but reading books about Islam or listening to lectures will. This doesn't mean we cannot play them, but it does show us that there are definitely better...
  11. Musa abu A'isha


    No. Hafsa non era moglie di un profeta. La citta' non è chiamata come la sua nome. E' un sopranome. Forse la nonna lo sa..
  12. Musa abu A'isha

    Reciting surah Fatiha in one breath for 1:30 seconds

    There is no 'original' Qur'aan. It was revealed by the Angel Jibreel (`alayhi salaam) and was spoken, not written. We have early copies of the Qur'aan, some of which might date back to the Caliph `Uthmaan (radhy Allaahu `anhu)
  13. Musa abu A'isha


    Quale citta nel mondo è chiamata per la moglie di un profeta?
  14. Musa abu A'isha

    cerco nasheed !

    Jazaakallaahu Khayran Akhi. Quando ho scritto '...' nel testo, non so cos'era la parola giusta. Mi potresti aiutare? Leggi cosa ho lasciato del testo e dimmi quale sono le parole giuste. Baarak Allaahu feekum.
  15. Musa abu A'isha


    `Isa `Alayhi salaam sahaabee non è. Gli `Ulamaa' hanno dichiarato questo e c'hanno detto che un profeta non puo essere un sahaabee. Wallaahu A'lam.
  16. Musa abu A'isha


    Sarah, radhy Allaahu `Anhaa
  17. Musa abu A'isha

    Want "Mountains of Makkah"

    Many Islamic stores have it, look around, help your dear brother Zain who works hard to sell his stuff, he and his family would appreciate it.
  18. Musa abu A'isha

    ** to all Ahmad Deedat's lovers/fans **

    His last tour was actually done here in Melbourne, Australia. We have his tour on DVD available from our Islamic centre -
  19. Musa abu A'isha

    random question

    If a Muslim forecats the weather they should always add 'Inshaa'Allaah' (If God wills)