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  1. Miss_Ayub

    Just a little note

    salaam sisters jazakAllah to both of you, you have reassured me.. sister Zainab i am only hoping at this moment that it will be good news lol and do not not worry i am studying hard!! jazaAllah sisters wasalaam
  2. Miss_Ayub

    Just a little note

    salaam everyone how are you all? hope everyone is ok inshallah thats all i really came on to say and i wanted to ask if you would pray for me, i have exams very soon [as i'm sure many of you do].. i am have been revising but for some reason i feel like i'm going to fail :( but i've...
  3. Miss_Ayub


    jazakAllah for that
  4. Miss_Ayub

    Boy or a Girl

    salaam i know what you mean.. i only prefer girls coz i have 4 brothers.. but when i have my own child [InshAllah] like you said i would only pray for a healthy baby wasalaam Nafeesa
  5. Miss_Ayub

    I want your help my brothers

    Salaam sorry i dont really know.. but i hope you find the help you need Wasalaam Nafeesa
  6. Miss_Ayub

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

    salaam sister welcome to TTI and thank you for offering the help! wasalaam Nafeesa
  7. Miss_Ayub

    There is nothing he didnt do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    salaam maybe he has really repented and has changed.. ? wasalaam
  8. Miss_Ayub

    Salamu Alaykum

    salaam welcome to TTI, hope you find the site beneficial :) wasalaam
  9. Miss_Ayub

    * Top 10 (Christian)Missionary Tactics, trying to convert you! *

    Salaam jazkkAllah for the link bro Wasalaam
  10. Miss_Ayub

    Post your own inventions!

    LOL.. thats pretty clever! :lol:
  11. Miss_Ayub


    Salaam sis welcome to TTI, i hope the site benefits you.. :) Wasalaam
  12. Miss_Ayub


    Salaam all i could say is prioritize.. what you need to get done get done! and stay calm! getting worked up will not have your coursework finished will it? :) Just do abit at a time- maybe 30 mins a day or something.. break it down.. hope that helps :) Wasalaam
  13. Miss_Ayub

    Huband or Mother???

    salaam sister i will pray for you and i agree with shyhijabi.. seems your husband is in the right.. wasalaam
  14. Miss_Ayub


    salaam wow! thats great! :D wasalaam
  15. Miss_Ayub

    TV Haraam???

    salaam I understand what you are saying bro but i have to disagree! I think it depends on what you are watching.. If i am watching an islamic speech or a nasheed- is that haram? wasalaam
  16. Miss_Ayub

    Great Islamic Websites to Bookmark

    jazakAllah for sharing
  17. Miss_Ayub


    salaam welcome to TTI, i will pray that life gets better for you wasalaam
  18. Miss_Ayub

    concerning friendship requests.....

    salaam lol abz! introducing bradford lingo here? :lol: wasalaam
  19. Miss_Ayub

    Introduce My Self

    salaam welcome brother, i hope you fine the site very beneficial :) wasalaam
  20. Miss_Ayub


    salaam welcome to TTI :) wasalaam