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  1. lostlilly07

    Homeschooling question

    Just google homeschooling blogs, there are plenty of muslim and non-muslim homeschool that you can extract ideas for your home school. I am thinking about homeschooling my son as well but I have a few years to go before he'll be ready.
  2. lostlilly07

    Was what I did correct?

    Bad Dawah in my opinion.
  3. lostlilly07

    ruling on the niqab

    wa alaikum salaam, I can say in my area, Muslim OB/GYN and midwives are greatly needed. Soooo many muslim women are seeking them but there aren't any at least to my knowledge and when Ramadan comes around and a sister is fasting often times the OB or the midwife discourges it.
  4. lostlilly07

    What happen to my thread

    So they deleted it. Hmmmm, I guess it's time to delete my account. I ve seem a lot of ......questionable threads on this forum.
  5. lostlilly07

    What happen to my thread

    My thread about invisible children was deleted from the g.discussion section.
  6. lostlilly07

    Faith issues

    Wa alaikum salaam. Sometimes you have to touch fire in order to believe it burns. I can't sit here say I completely understand what you are going through but I do know emaan increases and decreases and right now my emaan is on the decrease. But I keep striving for good.i know and hate...
  7. lostlilly07

    Faith issues

    Are you advising her to take off the abaya and hijab?
  8. lostlilly07

    Changing careers

    Wa alaikum salaam Thanks for the advice. I plan to attend an informational session at the college in my area. Yeah, I know it'll be a big transition. I am going from an educational background to a nursing career. :SMILY346:
  9. lostlilly07

    My Muslim Veil, need your support

    I am going to subscribe once I sweeten things over:hearts::tti_sister:
  10. lostlilly07

    Food for Healthy Hair

    Thanks., I ll be incorporating more of this in my diet.
  11. lostlilly07

    15 Ways to Lose weight & get your health back

    Great advice except for the chocolate part......I can let go of chocolate
  12. lostlilly07

    best time to exercise

    I agree the morning is the best time despite ur size.
  13. lostlilly07

    Changing careers

    BTW, I am almost 30.
  14. lostlilly07

    Changing careers

    As-salaamu Alaikum Has anyone changed careers? How old were you? Is there an age when it's too late to change careers? I am thinking of changing careers to become a midwife but I worry about family which is important to me and I don't want to put my career over my family. But I also want...
  15. lostlilly07

    My Family after 9/11

    :salam2: I am not an Arab but I am a stranger and I too wonder when our "15 mins." of fame will be over. Every day, Islam this, Mohammad this, Muslims this....its depressing and now that I have a son I am trying my best to raise him with confidence because people are going to want to lead my...
  16. lostlilly07

    Why am I not a Muslim to you?

    I agree Islam is perfect and the muslim isn't but I just want answers. I want people to be honest with me.
  17. lostlilly07

    Why am I not a Muslim to you?

    wa alalikum salaam
  18. lostlilly07

    Barsisa, The Worshipper

    As salaamu alaikum Speechless
  19. lostlilly07

    How we can get through hardships and trials in our lives

    Well I just want my rank to be higher in the hearafter but I agree I really don't want to be tested. I guess it's a double edge sword.