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  1. poetic

    Cooking with alcohol

    Salaam Alailum I use vanilla in my baking and I read the ingredients and it says alcohol, I dont know if this is the same alcohol that intoxicates you are not but it is used in alot of baking, such as cakes ect.. I think the alcohol is used to preserve the vanilla flavour or something..not...
  2. poetic

    ban burkas, niqabs in public

    Salaam Alaikum, I dont agree to ban these but I do agree that the covering of the whole face,hands ect is not a MUST and that it is not in the quran, the quran tells us specifically to cover from head to toe but that we are allowed to show hands and face.......May Allah forgive my claims are...
  3. poetic


    Salaam Alaikum, Wow!! MashAllah that is beautiful poetry you are talented.. this is a very inspiring poem and it teaches us all that our time may come and what will we say then, you know? Jazak Allah and InshAllah we will stay guided and be strong with our duties to the ONE AND ONLY Allah!!
  4. poetic

    Heart is tearing-up

    Salaam Alaikum.. This scares me..but in a good way..inshAllah we all stay on the right path and be reighteous muslims by following the pillars of islam and trying our very best to do every prayer 5 times a day and on time!
  5. poetic

    The negatives in google searching..

    Salaam Alaikum Hope everyones fast is going good and may Allah reward you all.. So..I was on google images searching Islam for some nice pictures..and came across this HORRIBLE picture so I clicked it, now wishing I had not! Let me WARN you if you do not want to feel stressed or have your...
  6. poetic

    President Obama Gives Ramadan Message

    Salaam Alaikum.. I am not america, but I know that the choices made around the world such as the U.S end up affecting Canada too.. But I am not really for or aginst Obama,not sure what to think.. But this video he is not doing anything wrong, he had a speech to give to the muslims he had a...
  7. poetic


    salaam alaikum.. im a sister :hijabi:
  8. poetic

    French pool bars Muslim woman for 'burquini' suit

    Salaam Alaikum.. I did not meen that they are lighter, I meant that they feel the same as a regular bathing suit..VERY LIGHT.. maybe you should do some research on this fabric, I would compare it to any other bathing suit, maybe it would be slightly heavier considering all of your body is...
  9. poetic


    Also.. I heard that when doing hajj and you get your menses you dont take part in any activities and your hajj is counted as being done.. but this seems to give a different message? 'Aisha said, "We set out with the sole intention of performing Hajj and when we reached Sarif, (a place six miles...
  10. poetic


    Salaam Alaikum.. I was wondering if this hadeeth is stateing that if you sleep and have a good dream it is okay to pray without doing wudu?.. Narrator: Kuraib Ibn 'Abbas said, "The Prophet slept till he snored and then prayed (or probably lay till his breath sounds were heard and then got up...
  11. poetic

    French pool bars Muslim woman for 'burquini' suit

    Salaam Alaikum Those swim suits are made out of very special material that does not feel heavy when wet.. It can show your figure depending on the size you buy, and its probably best to stay away from anything that could show your body shape. But at the same time for someone who has enjoyed...
  12. poetic

    I have made my final decision now

    Salaam Alaikum, I should have mentioned this, we all believe that depending on the amount of sins and severity of sins that determines your sentencing, We may not go to hell forever, we may even go just for a day,but that day will feel like eternity.. I am sorry you are such a ignorant person...
  13. poetic

    I have made my final decision now

    Salaam alaikum, Believing you will not go to hell will not stop you from going to hell, you think because you dont believe in Islam, in Allah, in Shaytaan, that you will beable to make it all go away? no, one day you will die, and if you are too lazy to have a good life and earn your way to...
  14. poetic

    Prepare your self for Ramadan, the month of Quran

    Salaam a revert of over a year..I do have the quaran with transliteration its an arabic/english one.. but I was told I can not read the english and have it count as reciting or reading quaran as I HAVE to read the arabic to be rewarded.. I know this is true in salah but for just...
  15. poetic

    My Amirah!!!

    Salaam Alaikum MashAllah your daughter is so smart for 2 and a half, InshAllah Allah she will grow into an even more intelligent women! One day she may be teaching her 2 year old like you, very good parenting!
  16. poetic

    Poem: One Like the Prophets

    Salaam Alaikum, I love this so much! Jazak Allah for posting
  17. poetic

    funny moments with hiijab

    Salaam Alaikum ive done that to go to the backyard or front of the house before... sometimes when you wear hijab so much you dont even feel it so it can happen.. my heart beats so fats it has happend 2 or 3 times and I realize and I look around like is anyone seeing me from their...
  18. poetic

    Can someone please tell me?

    salaam alaikum :) I am/was addicted to I am also weining off with nasheeds.. the site above has a download button MashAllah and if you hear a nasheed on youtube or even some surhas or lectures copy the url from the address bar and on the front page of this ite...
  19. poetic

    Prepare your self for Ramadan, the month of Quran

    Salaam Alaikum, Very beneficial post...JAZAK ALLAH.. I have a question though, I know you have to pray in arabic.. but I was also told that reading the quran in english doesnt count because quran's language is arabic, I was told this by a older sister my mother in law introduced me too..this...
  20. poetic

    Jewish prayer similar to ours

    Salaam Alaikum.. I thought jewish wor a small type cap/hat on their heads this one is biggar