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  1. halah

    "Abu Bakr was like that when I was more misguided than my family's camel"

    Asslamu alikom Jazaka Allahu khayran! That was very nice and informative (Masha'Allah),It's a very long time since I have been here and I'm so happy to see this thread!! May Allah bless you all.
  2. halah

    In need of major dua

    Wa alikum asslam wa rahamatullah wa barakatuh May Allah help and support you dear sister to overcome any trouble you face,I pray to Allah to make everything goes perfectly for you.
  3. halah

    Asslamu alikum

    Wa alikum asslam wa rahamatullah wa barakatuh How are you sweet sisters,I really missed you too..I hope everything is going well with you and your families :hearts:
  4. halah

    Asslamu alikum

    :salam2: Dear TTI family,I hope you all are in the best of health and faith..It's been a very long time without posting here but I do come every while and then to see what's going on....some haven't been here anymore...some new ones joined in...and some still contribute actively masha'Allah...
  5. halah

    Sad news

    Asslamu alikum Subhan Allah so happy for you dear sister..may Allah bless you and your family :) This forum is like a homeland :) we hanging around here and there then have to come even for just taking a look and see what's going on..Once I saw this post I felt that really time is...
  6. halah

    Support your Sisters !

    :salam2: Support your sisters in Islam and the Muslims by Voting "NO" on banning face veil in just a few seconds;
  7. halah

    A great trial.

    Yes, this morning.. the Egyptian are going through a tough test; persistently make Du'aa for us that Allah protects us and our country and gives us a safe and honourable end!
  8. halah

    A great trial.

    We live a horrible time..Only Allah can save us and put out this fire..we need your Duaa.
  9. halah

    A great trial.

    :salam2: Please pray for Egypt and Egyptians..It's a great trial.:tti_sister:
  10. halah

    A Wonderful Opportunity.

    :wasalam: Jazaki Allah khayr sister:hearts:..I think it's a good opportunity to study the book of ''Riaad As Saalhin'' with shaikh Mohammad Salah..for those who don't know about the shaikh..please check this out;
  11. halah

    A Wonderful Opportunity.

    As salaamo alaykum, brothers and sisters here's an opportunity to study with Shaykh Muhammad Salah of Huda TV. VISIT
  12. halah

    In my

    :salam2: Sooo nice..May Allah please our hearts with what He has chosen for us :tti_sister:
  13. halah

    we made it

    May Allah shower you with His blessings wherever you are.:hearts:
  14. halah

    Happy and Blessed Ramadan

    Ramadan Mubaarak to all my sisters and brothers,the old and new ones.:SMILY259: May Allah make it EASY for all of us worshiping Him & pleasing Him in the best of ways.
  15. halah

    Happy and Blessed Ramadan

    Happy and Blessed Ramadan to you all.
  16. halah

    Lets be postitive

    Wa alikum asslam May Allah grant you a complete healing soon insha'Allah:tti_sister:
  17. halah

    Keep the Light( HUDA TV) on

    Asslamu alikum Please chek this out,you'll find all the details including the bank account No where anyone can easly make their financial contribution to save this wonderful channel from being closed.
  18. halah

    Keep the light ON by Shaikh Yusuf Estes
  19. halah

    Keep the Light( HUDA TV) on

    Asslamu alikum HUDA TV, Keep the light on Brothers and sisters Huda Tv is in need for your support so do not let the light of huda go out. Make donations, Dua, whichever way you can. Sincerely ask for Allah's help.:girl3...
  20. halah


    Wa alikum asslam dear sister,may Allah protect your son and guide him to all what's good:tti_sister: