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    Your experience of Islamophobia??

    I reverted to Islam very recently, but have had a couple of eye-opening experiences already. I went into town after visiting the sisters' centre I go to for Quran study, while wearing hijab and an abaya (I love abayas - would wear them everyday if I could!) - I counted over 50 people glaring...
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    A new start

    I took my Shahada yesterday - the feeling of peace is incredible. I still have so much to learn, but it felt right in my heart to revert now. Thank you all so much for this website, and I look forward to continuing to learn from and share Islam with you all.
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    Need some help from sisters: a problem finding abayas that fit!

    How about eBay? I did a quick search and there were over 50 products in the results, so you might be able to find something there?
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    Attending Universities in the West

    There are single-gender colleges at some universities (oxford and cambridge come to mind in the UK), and a lot of universities will have an Islamic society or club that you could join so that your socialising could be done through that. If you have a particular university in mind, what you could...
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    How productive was your day today in Ramadan?

    Sadly my doctor has told me not to fast fully at the moment - my blood pressure and blood sugar level dropped too low for it to be medically OK. I'm disappointed, but I'll continue with everything else I'm doing. Are there any alternatives to full fasts that I could do, as I'd like to take as...
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    How productive was your day today in Ramadan?

    This has been a very exciting couple of days in my first Ramadan. I'm learning the daily prayers, reading a juz of the Qur'an per day, and am cautiously trying to fast as much as my health allows (I have to make sure I drink water during the day because of a chronic health problem). I've...
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    New here and to learning about Islam

    Thank you all so much for your kind words and advice. I am truly grateful for such a warm welcome. Thank you.
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    New here and to learning about Islam

    Hello everyone. I'm new, so if I make mistakes please be patient with me. I am trying to learn about Islam and Allah, and would be very grateful for any recommendations of reading materials (I speak English, French and German). I have not yet converted, but hope to be able to in the next year...