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    help please

    Salam sis Yea either way doesnt matter what her situation she doesnt have the right to take an inocent life so yeah, jsut have to cope and pray for the best. Allah does everything for a reason and he knows what is best and if he has made abortion haram then it is for the best :) jazakalla
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    Myth: Did Prophet Muhammad allow the death of 700 male Jews?

    jazakallah bro, good article! pretty huge though. im late for my lecture now :p
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    General Question

    Salam y'all Just a question for general knowledge, I know tht its forbidden for women to do their eyebrows and the reasoning for that seems very logical and on to it, but i was wondering whether its permissable for women to shave their legs. I have gotten many answers from asking different...
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    [10 Tips] How to be a Successful Husband

    Jazakallah for this article, just what im looking for to use in the not so distant future inshallah :)
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    Salam y'all My name is Mustafa. My cuzins been telling me about this site for aages so i thot id give it a shot :) and i like what i see, inshallah i can learn heaps from all you guys around the world, jazakallah