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    :salam2: I Agree.
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    Flowers for a Dead Person

    Asalam aluakim, They make me feel good! I love the smell of them. I dont think there is a right or wrong answer her; I think it is "preference". I dont recall Muhammad PBUH saying flowers were bad to give. I think this is a trivial topic compared to others in our culture.
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    A curious non-muslim..

    Salam; A great lecturer on Islam is Yusuf Estes; youtube has lots of his videos.
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    Imam attacked in London

    Salaam, The man also assaulted a police officer so I think its safe to say he was "unstable'. I dont think we should over react on this! Just send Dua' to the Imam.
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    crucified prisoner

    "guilty till proven innocent" Thats nothing new; I dont know where you live but its the same in the Us. I saw a mom and dad (non Muslim) go to jail and lose there children because one child "bruised easily" and they were held in prison for four years until a doctor cleared them. Its not just...
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    If We Get Given Wives In Jannah

    I was told you earthly wife will be more beautiful in heaven and there was other benefits but I am not sure if I am correct so i wont post them; but maybe someone better qualified knows....?
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    Insulting Islam or Prophets

    this is a problem I have; "lets leave it to the scholars". Kind of like the Vatican interpreting the doctrine. It bothers me! :SMILY176:
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    Insulting Islam or Prophets

    No one can see the future; how do you know he wont come back. Killing him would be denying him the chance to come back. :astag:
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    The Official Muslim YouTube Awards Show Teaser

    Thats just SILLY! It is a WONDERFUL way to get people (non muslims)to learn about Islam and its people! So now all those Muslim posters will just go to non muslim site's and contests....hummm ...was that a good idea to take it down.
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    What is up with all the pluralism in the Quran

    Its the royal "we".
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    Insulting Islam or Prophets

    What do i do to repair my relationship on this message board? (the christian one i visit) Because of this poster we all now look stupid!
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    Insulting Islam or Prophets

    I agree with you, but there are over zealous Muslims out there who post stuff like this and it just fuels the fire for the Christians. Poster like this are NOT helping our cause, they just make us look stupid. It takes one bad Muslim that make the rest who post on a message board look goofy...
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    Muhammads pbuh BIO

    Where can I get a GOOD dependable , historical copy of Muhammad's pbuh biography. Very detailed! What about a BIO for Jesus pbuh? :tti_sister:
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    Insulting Islam or Prophets

    Why must someone die for insulting Islam or Muhammad pbuh? This seems very primitive to me, kind of sticks and stones, it seems this is a loaded question on some sites. On some Muslim sites (like ummah) they seem proud of this fact. I dont get it?
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    truth or myth

    As-salaam Aluakim. I visit a few christian forums and they are currently talking of Muhammad pbuh, they sat that is some of his battles and such he raided caravans. One in particular was Battle of Badr. How can this be? If they did steel and pillage it would be in direct contradiction to the...
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    Is dieting allowed in Islam? I want to do Atkins but I want to be sure there is no confliction. thanks
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    Income Tax

    Taxes are a necessary evil in this country! It is used for schools, roads, it subsidizes farmers, industries. It helps people who are out of work, it is used to keep out national forests and other lands safe from the bull dozer. These are JUST a few things! IMO EVERYONE should pay taxes, it is...
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    My dad took Shahada last night! MashaAllah

    As-salaam Aluakum Congratulations! I would suggest that you set your father up with a man his age at the local mosque. Give him your on line links and if you goggle free quran or search those words on this site you can get him some free info! :tti_sister:
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    Harry Potter

    How have you parents been dealing with Harry Potter?
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    How Islam is viewed today.

    Thanks for your reply!