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    salaam u'v done wats in ur control and u can do no more...but pray4 her guidance insha-allah wassalam
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    More sisters than brothers?

    the brothers have done smfn to get this far...coz its natural for women to win...right sisters????:blackhijab::blackhijab::blackhijab:........dont worry we;l get them back...
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    More sisters than brothers?

    Amirah20...............thats funny....hahahaha:hijabi::hijabi::hijabi::muslim_child:
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    More sisters than brothers?

    im with u on dis one sis..........smfn fishy is definantly goin on.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i wnda...
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    What Was the Best Time in Your Life?

    salaamzzzzz........... wen i went umrah4 the 1st tym i fink........... wassalam
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    Please please make Du'a for me!!!

    wa alaikum assalam w rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, may Allah help u my bro n pour is blessings on you insha-allah.
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    virtues of Aayatul KURSI

    assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah jazakallah fo dis...truly inspiring...also did u know that reciting surah mulk every night saves you from the punishment of the grave (i myself dont do this as yet but bettr start insha-allah)... wassalam
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    Kamal Uddin - Illallah

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu... Jazakallah for this sis...this brohers voice is amazing, he doesnt even use anxiously waiting for his next album...C'MON KAMAL wassalam
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    More sisters than brothers?

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wabarkatuhu C'mon sisters we gotta out number the bros...its officially 'THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES' lol
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    New Muslim Brother

    salam bro, hope ur all goood insha-allah...welcome to tti. hope u benefit from it alot like i did insha-allah....peace out bro wassalam
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    The war in Bosnia- BASIS STUFF

    salamzzz.... may Allah curse the oppressors of our muslim brothers and sisters....surely allah will bring themt o account for their actions....insha-allah those bros and sis who died duriing this terrible war died as martyrs.....ameen...may Allah swt save then from the punishent of the grave...
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    I'm suffering. Advice needed pls

    salam sis, erm ru n ur hubby living with ur parents?? if u are it mayb better for u2 move out that way ur hubby and parents are not always in front of eachother.....thy dont have2 maintain an excellent relationship...this maybe a test from Allah the almigty on how u cope with the situation...
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    hate for islam

    salam... im sure you can legally sue for religious as a citizen have evry right to practice religion!!! i suggest you seek legal advice from a muslim solicitor to see what the law says about your incident bro....n most of practice patience, may Allah have mercy on you, dont...
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    Asking for Divorce because she is more educated

    salaamz cant beliv people...muslim people have sinked sooo low subhanallah even after having several children....did she not fink that they wud need their dad... neway fanx 4 posting... Wassalam.
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    miscarriages may cause a divorce

    salaam sister, i really feel for u...subhanallah, this is a test for u, ur hubby n in-laws....u jus mksre ur da stonger one, Allah blesses those he wishes with children...this is up to Allah n he knows the struggle ur going thru...i dont know any specific duas...but try ro make dua at the times...
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    The loneliness of converts

    salam sisssssssssssss, awwwwwwwwwwwwww huny i feel 4 u...subhanallah...but u know that Allah knows wat r feeling and insha-allah all wisdom belongs to Allah...maybe ur a better of muslim without integrating too mch with the muslim community of where ur living??? anyway im a sister and you an...
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    Help wiTh muSiC

    oh sorry i forgot to say WASSALAM
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    Help wiTh muSiC

    salaam, erm i can tell u a tip that actually made me stop listening to music even though initially i had no intention of mate told me she stopped because music interrupted her in salah, n then i realised that i had the same in order to concentrate more on my salah i had...
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    i need a solution...

    salaam sis, i cant imagine what ur feeling subhanallah...but i can advise u on giving him some books on islam and let him revert because islam is the truth insha-allh n not coz he likes u...that way he will be a true Allh fearing believer...once he has reached that stage ur parents should not...