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  1. menj1980

    Ex-Muslims & fake ex-Muslims

    That is a good piece of writing, masha'allah. There is more here: I hope someone will find it beneficial.
  2. menj1980

    Israeli government quietly funds KKK-like organizations

    "And remember: Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East." Not anymore, I feel. Egypt and Tunisia have joined the club :)
  3. menj1980

    Chomsky: My reaction to Osama Bin Laden's Death

    Very good article from Chomsky, it hits the point right on the mark!
  4. menj1980

    Ex-Muslims & fake ex-Muslims

    Assalamualaikum, if you have any particular issue that you feel doubtful because it was raised / manipulated / a lie from Ali Sina, just let me know and insha'allah I will do my best in answering that particular issue. Also, you may visit where I have exposed his lies and...
  5. menj1980

    Your experience of Islamophobia??

    :salam2: Reading all the stories above, I have become even more convinced that the Western world are increasingly ceasing to become Dar al-Ahd (Abode of The Covenant) and are becoming more and more like Dar al-Harb (Abode of War). I urge all of you to consider emigration to the Muslim world...
  6. menj1980

    Israel uses electric shock torture against children

    Very shocking and sad to see this news report...but do not fear, retribution against the Banu Isra'il who transgress is near.
  7. menj1980

    Madinah Arabic Books 1 - 3 - Key in English

    Jazakallahu khayran for the PDF files.
  8. menj1980

    your favorite Surah/aya ?

    My favourite Surah is Suratul Ikhlaas.
  9. menj1980

    Why Muslim women don't drive cars in SA??

    This is one ruling that I never agreed with in SA but there are many problems in the Muslim World, not just in SA.
  10. menj1980

    Stupid Sarkozy speaks out against burka

    So what are the French Muslims doing about this, are they not going to oppose this madman Sarkozi's interference??
  11. menj1980

    Assalamu Aleikum

    Wsalaam sister, good to see a Japanese Muslimah around here!
  12. menj1980

    Your experience of Islamophobia??

    I do not have any first-hand experience of Islamophobia because I am living in a Muslim-majority country. However, there is rampant Islamophobia online and a lot of hate-sites are being created against Islam and Muslims.
  13. menj1980

    Yes! I Converted to Islam here is Why! Narrative from People from all Backgrounds

    Wonderful material masha'allah. Wassalam. - MENJ