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    my engagement

    why some pepole have wet eyes on a matter of some happy news? Congratulations for ur happy engagement and for your ideal spouse, sister, Assalam_O_Alaikum dear sister one thing i don't understand as to why pepole have wet eyes when they have some good news,because i have never had such...
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    need advice/example

    do not worry he will change Dear ummyasin, ur son is not mature yet,but u can change him through letting him know islamic stories.if u beat him for prayers he may offer his prayer as long as he has stick in his mind.put the fear of Allah in his mind,put the fear of day of judgement.let him...
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    how can i communicate directly with u? if u r interested in discussion,my yahoo id is pushtooafgani*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*! i will answer all question.and i will be happy to talk and discuss with u
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    indeed she has told u the right web site,here u can talk freely and can have ur misconception talking and discussing with ur fellows.
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    an AMAZING website

    a really nice web site thanks for sharing
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    no education for women??

    islam is a religion of peace and peace comes when one submits to the way prescribed by can never know Allah's way unless one is educated. education is obligatory upon both man and woman in islam,said prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
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    Any Pashto speakers?

    i am a pushto speaker hi shanaz,whats up