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    Salams, I have been interested in Islam for a long time now, having come from a non-religious background it has taken me time to accept certain aspects of Islam, and before i had no real belief in anything,not that i was atheist. However since learning about Islam I believe in Alllah, and...
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    salams to all... i just need a little hellp, i have been studying islam for quite some time now, i come from a non-religious background, i guess i was agnostic..but now i have a firm belief in Allah, i believe in the prophet muhammed (pbuh) and love islam as a religion...however the only thing...
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    no oven....

    Salaama alaikoom... I love cooking for my moroccan husband, however, we do not hav an oven,(yet) just the hob...and im getting stuck for ideas on what to cook....any ideas?:SMILY176:
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    help to convert.

    Salam alakoom. I have been researching Islam for a long time now, and have discovered what a beautiful religion it is. Before I had no religion although I was not an atheist. Now i have discovered Islam i just need a bit more help to revert! I don't know what exactly is stopping me, i have been...