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    Pak Afghan border --Sad pics

    Dear brothers and sisters I`m sure u know that life of a muslim is so cheap, even cheaper than air breathing, so do not be astonished when ever u see something alike. U know that in so called muslim countries the rulers are not the ones who deserves to be rulers, but they are in charge...
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    Third Flowing Poem: DEATH

    Line 1: 'Death is something we all fear and is surely to come, When Allah wills, Izraeel will take the soul of each and everyone. Line 2: 'Though we cant guarantee when our time will be, what if the next second, Izraeel stands before me?'... Line 3: 'Says the Insaan to himself: "tomorrow...
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    I Am A Muslim Woman

    Mr. I`m asking you whether u have full informations about crusades or no? If not , read more, then u can see who and why have organised these shamefull war. Even some non muslims admit that the cristians should be ashamed with crusades. You wrote : Let Islam bring justice! let it...
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    Can the Pope be Reformed?

    There is no need to read something we hear. But the question is: Does pope ever read about islam or just has his own prejudices about non christian people, in this case islam and muslims. If his speech in this university has been alaud to be conducted then what can we expect from young...
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    hello, im not muslim

    Welkom Rosie I hope u`ll find what u`re looking for