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    exclusive "Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet -a film to download-"

    - Thank you to all those who trust in the simplicity of my thoughts and emotions. - Merci à tous ceux qui ont confiance à la simplicité de mes pensées et emotions. on facebook...
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    I Really Miss You...:(

    Jazzak Allah khair ........
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    salam aleikum

    sister, I am very happy for you...May Allah guide us through the right way ichallah...a muslim from Djelfa algeria........
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    Zamzam - The Blessed Water

    JazakAllah khair for sharing.
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    Please pray for me

    You will get a good job inchallah, just trust in allah.:tti_sister: Allahoum aatih oua jamii oumetek el mousslima min fathleek. Amine
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    Hell or Heaven

    many thanks sister for the story. that's the pure reality of heaven and hell. :ma:
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    Introducing Myself

    Khushoo in the Prayer Aathaar from the Pious Predecessors and the Manner of their prayer. Allaah the Exalted said: The Believers will prosper. Those who are humble and submissive in their prayers (khaashi'oon). Below are some examples which we should read with contemplation and thought so...
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    كلمة حق عند سلطان جائر

    الله يفتح عليك.......شكرا جزيل
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    Would you Marry a...

    May Allah bless you. May Allah forgive you. May Allah protect you... I, too, agree with Muslimah16..dua...Jannah. aameen 4 the question / Yes ofcourse... Your brother Mohamed.islam2007 from skype
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    It's Mohamed.islam2007 from skype James ...your brother ...welcome brother..and am realy very happy to have you with us now..and thank you to accept to have an idea about Islam. Inch'Allah eljana.
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    exclusive "Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet -a film to download-"

    Essalamou alikoum no......still working ...tested...(elhamdouliallah) thank you ..
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    عاجل عاجل عاجل عاجل جزاكم الله كل الخير

    محاضرة ومناظرة الشيخ أحمد ديدات باللغة الايطالية رحمه الله و أسكنه فسيح جنانه أن شاء الله لكم أحبه في الله ....محبة شخصية أجابك لخالص وجه الله مسلم من الجلفة الجزائر -1- موضوع المناظرة 8IT.Muhammad the Natural Successor to Christ or click this link...
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    The Life of Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) - Part 1

    الله يبارك.....
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    لماذا سمي المسجد بالانجليزيه mosque

    I wish from the moderator delete this page ...please.. Assalam alikoum I wish from the moderator ... that he delete this page ...please.. Sorry for will never hear about it !
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    exclusive "Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet -a film to download-"

    فيلم وثائقي رائع عن النبي الكريم محمد بن عبد الله ..صلى الله عليه وسلم و الذي يروي حياته كاملة و لكن بلسان غربي مفعم و متعطش في نفس الوقت بالايمان الحار الساخن حين تراه يسيل دمعك فقط من لهفة المسلمين الجدد الى الله الحق سبحانه و تعالى وو الله كل ما شاهدته بكت العين و اشتدت لهفة القلب الى خالقه...
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    MAS Video from Austin Texas

    asalam alikoum:salam2: :mashallah: على الله التوكل very nice video....!!