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    Can the shari'a be legally enforced

    We'aleikum'selam we rahmetullah we barekatuh, Point is that as long as one publicly acts according to Sharia he is ok, sincerity of someones deeds is between him and Allah. When he starts speaking to others agains anything in Islam, tell others to violate laws, commit public crimes...
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    Can the shari'a be legally enforced

    Assalaam'alaikum, In Islam there is strict rule of privacy, no one is allowed to intrude your privacy for any reason it is forbidden - spying someone is forbidden - it is a sin. That is one of basics of Sharia (the law of God), so whatever one does in his privacy inside his home, or...
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    Some Doctrines of The Bible which Harmonize with The Quran

    Aleykum'selam, As much I'm familiar with subject, considering accepting things from older relevations, we only accept things that are confirmed by Quran and Muhammad (saws), we reject things that contradict Quran and what Prophet (saws) learned us (since there is clear corruption by man in...
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    Al-Qaeda Group Claims responsibilty for Foiled Attack on Detroit-Bound Plane

    They are full of .... with these obscure news and sources: "An Al-Qaeda affiliate in the Arabian peninsula claimed Monday it was behind the failed bombing and threatened new attacks on the West, US monitoring groups said. It acknowledged in the Internet posting that a "technical fault" had...
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    I want to learn Bosnian

    :wasalam: How can I help you.
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    Need Help Sisters

    Assalamu alaikum... I recently found a site from Bilal Philips called "Islamic Online University" There is around 10 free courses that covers main things in Islam. Good thing is that there are assigments and testing - so you know are you learning it propertly.
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    Allah Knows

    I found a lot of nasheed's of Zain Bhika on