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    De Catolico a Musulman Alhamdulillah

    Assalammualikum WM WB Habiendo nacido en una sociedad donde la religion Catolica era la unica existente y que aun sigue siendo en muchas areas del Norte de España, y despues no estar muy convencido de que esta no era la religion que me diera las respuestas que queria, en mis viajes y largas...
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    Blame Ourselves or Blame the Rulers?

    Blame Orselves or Blame the Rulers Asslammualikum wm wb Very true indeed all fronts except that most of us at least the Western caucasian Muslims in my circle and those in the Middle East that I know and interact with, that these dictators and rulers by own decree are been kept afloat by...
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    Muslims never learn

    Muslims never learn-answer Yes I agree that the Uigurs in China are not threated with full rights as Chinese citizens and being persecuted but cannot compare to the millions of Muslims killed by the UK,USA and Isarel in their wars against Muslims and the other millions wounded and misplaced due...
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    Muslims never learn

    I was making mention to the non US,UK and Israeli Muslims which for their living they have to deal with these currencies, the rest of Muslms around the World could do much by not buying, dealing, investing in anything to do with the Industrial, Military, Commericial and Financial assets of...
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    Muslims never learn

    After the fall of Al Andalus, where the divide between the two caliphates of Cordoba and Granada, was used to great advantage by El Cid and the forces of Castille ( Isabel and Ferdinand ) there has never been a recovery in the previous unity and motivation that kept the Muslim World united...
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    de cual pais hispanico son ustedes?

    En caso de que deseen saber algo sobre Arabia y su entorno no duden en contactarme Haji Ibrahim Lobos
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    de cual pais hispanico son ustedes?

    De que Pais Yo soy Espanol de origen y trabajo y vivo en Arabia Saudita desde 2002
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    Al-Qaeda, Taliban and 'Their Jihad' for Islam

    Al Qaeda ( The Base ) Asslammualikum! Al Qaeda was created by the USA when it supported the Mujahedeen, including Osama Bin Laden fighting the Russians in Afghanistan and it was the registration base for new arrivals in Peshawar, it had a log book which the USA took giving them much account of...