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    :salam2: Excellent read mashallah jazaakillah kheiran very informative indeed. I dont think it entirely answers my question though..I could be wrong but i dont think the first five who memorised the Qur'an after the Prophet [sallallahu alayhi wassalam] are Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman, Ali and...
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    :salam2: :salam2: Does anyone know the first five companions of the Prophet [sallallahu alayhi wassalam] that memorised the Quran? Was Zayd ibn thabit [ra] one of them?
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    wa aleikum salam :) No need for me to state the obvious *coughs*
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    Hallo everyone!

    Welcome to the forum and please don't hesitate to bombard us with questions! :)
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    Your way to Islam !!!!!share your story

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    my father is...

    Inalillahi waina illahi rajioon May Allah the most Merciful grant him Janatul alfirdaws and protect him from the torture of the grave.. And May Allah give you and the family sabr and strength..ameen thuma ameen.
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    Ibn al-Qayyim: How to Give Da'wah to Those Who Love the Dunya

    Jazaakallah kheiran and May Allah make us all be among those who truly love Him. Ameen
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    Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

    Salaam aleikum Subhanallah..Jazaakallah kheiran for sharing msahallah May Allah make us those who follow our Prophet's [Salallahu Alayhi Wassalaam] footsteps in every way..Ameen. Keep them coming its worth reading and reviving our Imaan inshallah.
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    it doesnt work if you're using windows [which i am :)] you have to activate it by clicking on QR at the right hand side :)
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    Were all the prophets arabs?

    salam aleikum Barakallahu feekum :)
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    Were all the prophets arabs?

    jazaakallah kheiran Do you know the Prophets that were Arabs other than the two i have mentioned?
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    Were all the prophets arabs?

    :salam2: I know two were Prophet Saleh and Prophet Muhammad [salallahu alayhi wassalam] thanks to google search. Do you brothers/sisters no any other prophets that were Arabs? I heard four but i could only find two... Jazaakumullahu kheiran in advance :) :wasalam:
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    Three Forgotten Prayers

    salam aleikum sister Mashallah jazaakallah kheiran for sharing :)
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    personality test

    Am an INFJ and yup that's me hehe Introverted 89 % Intuitive 25% Feeling 62% Judging 33%
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    wa aleikum salam I'm well alhamdullillah thanks for asking and wa'iyaki sis falisteen :) yup it's somali and for sis faiza Hailaawin Geerida basically means dont forget death :)
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    Peace Within

    wa aleikum salam sister I have been busy with life alhamdullillah :) true! wa iyaki sister :) :salam2:
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    Peace Within

    Peace Within By Alia Ahmed There once was a king who offered a prize to the artist who would paint the best picture of peace. Many artists tried their luck. The king looked at all the representations, but there were only two that fascinated him. Ultimately, he had to choose between them...
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    Rape of a Nation

    not really!!! it's only the beginning..try watching the whole clip it's horrific!Innocent people living in constant fear and pain, tortured for years :(