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  1. AleahKoto

    Question for REVERTS ONLY.......

    It's Normal Shaytan doesn't like you to be a Muslim. He will hurl everything he can at you. Allah allows this as a test......each time something happens, realize you are on the right path, cos Shaytan doesn't care about those who aren't, and Allah tests those who are.
  2. AleahKoto

    Info about Bible

    What Did Jesus Really Say, is an excellent book too. It will clarify everything for your friend, using the Bible as total proof.
  3. AleahKoto

    When the end of the world comes..

    Since Muhammed (pbuh) is correct and says that the sun will rise from the West and set in East, science has also proven that this will happen, the earth will spin quickly like on a spring that was wound too tight. It will rotate then the opposite way. We do have meteors that are in direct...
  4. AleahKoto

    The most Famous disputation in the 20th century ( Ahmad Deedat ) !!

    LOL right after the debate with Ahmed Deedat, Jimmy Swaggart in all his glory was caught in fornication and adultery. Jimmy Swaggart could not even answer Deedats questions in the debate. Swaggart had a huge following, and I couldn't stand him from the beginning of his "god career."...
  5. AleahKoto

    What happens to my ancestors?

    Muhammad said that the pious Jews, Christians and Sabeans would also go to paradise. There are many groups that are religious, and not called Islam, but believe a lot of the same ways that Islam teaches. Goodness, fairness, honor, piety, love, charity etc. Allah is most merciful and beneficient.
  6. AleahKoto

    Who is MAINLY to blame for distorting the image of Islam??

    I find that Muslims who "say" they are Muslim and don't live their religion, or don't even know their religion are to blame for the misunderstandings by non muslims. I am always shocked at the born muslims, who have been tainted by cultural and tribal biases, and some of the things they believe...
  7. AleahKoto

    Oregon Anti Hijab bill Oregon is signing an anti hijab bill for teachers who wear head covering. Primarily directed at Muslims, it also covers Mennonites, Sikh, and Jewish. Rallies are being held at Portland State University. I know for a...
  8. AleahKoto

    bohemian grove

    Yes they pray to shaytan, ibless, or lucifer, all the same thing. You forget, they are praying for POWER and WEALTH. So who else would they go to? Certainly not Allah, cos he wants humility, piety, etc. When Jesus went into the desert to pray, shaytan offered him all the kingdoms of the...
  9. AleahKoto

    what is One and not two?

    Alhumdulilah! How cool! Some would say that was just coincidence, but I don't believe in coincidence because Allah (swt) is running the world....and He decides everything.
  10. AleahKoto

    Saudi family to take Jinn to court for harassment

    See?? All things good or bad can be beneficial. It makes people think and look up stuff, and that is what we are commanded to do, seek knowledge.
  11. AleahKoto

    Itz Pathetic!!!

    No, it is your Jihad.... If a Muslim brother or sister sells non-halal food, that is on them. Not you or anyone else will be to blame. IF they are true believers they will be questioned about it and will suffer the consequences. It is your Jihad, to understand this goes on, not get upset...
  12. AleahKoto

    I wanted to ask.... Reply plz :)

    Besides being forbidden Islamically... A pig will eat anything, I mean anything. The things pigs eat, are not broken down in their body, it goes right to their fat. The part that gives the flavor to the pig? The fat. So, if a pig eats feces, and you eat the pig, might as well cut out the...
  13. AleahKoto

    Saudi family to take Jinn to court for harassment

    This site doesn't like humor, nor do they want you to look at anything that is going on in the world around you. "If you don't fit into this mould, shame on you....." sad really
  14. AleahKoto

    Ordering Pizza in 2012

    Which part joke? Actually, if you call a pizza place now, they have your name, phone number address, how often you call, what kinds of pizzas you order, the number of your credit card with all background info, your birthdate, your kids birthdate. Nope not a joke, but the rest of the info bound...
  15. AleahKoto

    Saudi family to take Jinn to court for harassment

    I guess all the court could do, is put the Genie back in the bottle..... how funny to sue a jinn, how would you know if he was in court????
  16. AleahKoto

    " Last Breath "

    That is one of the very first I ever listened to when looking at reverting to Islam. I played it over and over, it gave me chills. IT is an awesome song. There are several videos on youtube with it, and the videos add even more "in your face wake up"
  17. AleahKoto

    Ordering Pizza in 2012

    Yep They are putting chips in children in the US. A lot of parents have done that to be able to find their children should they go missing by either running away, or kidnapping. The government is trying to scare all into doing it. They already can track your every move in your car by the new...
  18. AleahKoto

    Ordering Pizza in 2012

    This is scary........ You have to listen to it.
  19. AleahKoto

    Wouild this be appropriate or inappropriate...?

    She has already found a place to pray. I would leave it alone. Then, if you can get the brothers and other sisters to get a place to pray together, then invite her. 60ish means should never be alone with her no matter what the situation......
  20. AleahKoto

    Should I have done something?

    Not on "Domestic Dispute" I agree with all that we should try to change things when we can, but in domestic disputes, this is very dangerous. Even if she is getting severely beaten, and you step in, she could turn on you for touching "her man". Yes, sick I know, but police always respond...