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    wat is the arcade?????????????????
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    what happens if i don't log on to TTI for a long time

    salam too true i didt visit tti for a year but alls the same
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    I Need Help With Math!!

    nice one heres another to figure if a number is divideable by 3 i.e. 762 add the first and last numbers i.e. 7+2 if the result is a multiple of 3 then the whole orginal number can be divided by 3 i.e. 7+2=9 (3x3=9) so 762 can be divided by 3 to prove this 762/3 =254...
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    The ^< v Game! [Look Inside]

    salam ^ was wrong about guessing me < borrrrred v likes smiley faces
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    türkçe bilenler buraya -who know Turkish here (TURKEY)

    Bu benim yaptim video benim companya ( ben 15 yasindayim)
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    türkçe bilenler buraya -who know Turkish here (TURKEY)

    Selam arkadaslar ben inglizim, ama yasadim turkeyde. çok sevyorum turkeyayi. (ozuldilerim ben turkçe yazimayi tam bilmiyorum) ama dili sevyorum TURKEYA YASASIN
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    I Need Help With Math!!

    maths :salam2:salam i do maths alot with my dad and its my main subject. divison is split into two, long and short division short divison is simple example 300/20 (threehundred divided by 20) an easy way to do this is to cancel out matching zeros 30/2 (as you can see we took one...
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    assalamu alaykum i am still a very small boy but i remember a shayk saying that prophet mohammed salahallahu alayhi wasalam said that those who make a fatwa or a desicion and is not a shayk or has not the qualification to make a disicion then let him wait his place in hellfire. i am not making...
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    American television is rubbish!

    assalamu alaykum i dont have tv in my house and alhamdulilah because i would probably be with my family stuck to it 24/7. when i do get to watch tv(in friends house, holiday, hotel,etc..) i eaither watch national geo or national geo wild. or discovery chanel. the most i hate is news its...
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    Ha ha, I hit 'em': Top secret video showing U.S. helicopter pilots killing civillians

    there just going to do what they always do theyll just say we sorry and we were just protecting civilians and stuff like they were armed and we were protecting ourseleves. they also said 'serves them right for bringing them in battle' hold on, even a child know what a battle it. its were...
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    The awesomest pointless game ever! - Word Association

    hell-pain (very painful)
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    Guess who is leaving?????

    asslamoalykom that was great, how about this the shatan age:unknown work:misleading pepole info:studed at the school of hell, works at the international breaking the islamic brotherhood, gets chained up for ramathan(and so the jins) ... the shatan is :mad: and :eek: in ramathan...
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    asslamoalykom nissan salamsabdullah
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    A Sad day.

    assalamoalaykom i have been in many fights in turkey from 18years olds to 10years old and they want to prove there the boss and there strongest but me as a ten year old and my brothers take them down like chikens and nobody bothers you again,since you cant fight we can only make you dua...
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    is this true or not??

    asslamoalykom we havent heard about about this nor in the hadiths nor in the quran ive heard about false superstions about prophet mohamed (saw)having a chair in one of the beda mousqe and he dencends every friday and reads quran the answer is false motive probably trying to make hemsef...
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    **Hidden Under The Tongue **

    :salam2: It was a very nice story, :laughing-dancing::SMILY32: I will tell my brothers inshallah. Salams Abdullah1111
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    ** Black Seed-"the Seed Of Blessing"-**

    ASSLAMOALYKOM yes mashallah in yeman we ate a lot of black seed,my uncle had the atheletes fungus and my aunt told me garlic is the cure i had heard about the black seed so i mincedblack seed small then added garlic and put it between his toes and then he feltit really hot,the next morning...
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    Home Education is an Option for Muslim Parents!

    Assalamu alaykum, I am home schooled and have been for most of my life, (im 10). I have been to some schools in the Uk for a while, when my mum was having my sister, but i didnt like them much. They make us do dancing, and i couldnt do many things i liked to do. I like science and...
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    turkey closed youtube

    Asslamoalykom Did any one know that turkey closed youtube for approxmtly oneyear i cant even wach things on tti,does any one know anything why???????? i cant wach any thing,to get on you have to use a proxy wich you have to pay for it. salams abdullah
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    More sisters than brothers?

    asslamoalykom It seems like the brothers winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnninghehehe brothers rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bet theres no brothers having two acounts because thats alot of writing and probably they dont write on one which gets deleted salams