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    Video The Life of Cat Stevens and How he Became Muslim.

    hamdolilah raby al alamin wassalato wassalamo ala rassolina mohammed salla laho alayhi wassalam... thak you for the good video, you know i'M SO HAPPY FOR YUSSOF TO BE MUSLIM, hamdolilah for it... i have no more comment brothers, it's a great example for everyone who has dopped about...
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    Video Yusuf Islam in his latest TV interview with the ex-BBC Director Alan Yentob.

    yussof is a big example of the islam in all over the world,, thaks a lot'S and god bless you always.. hamdolilah for you to be muslim and i really would like to meat him one day inchaallah..:ma: :SMILY206:
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    Video New Yusuf Islam Interview, talks about how he was always searching for answers to li

    hamdolilah the islam is gharib wa sayahodo gharib, watiba lilghoraba... hadith muslim.. thanks for the video of yussof islam , i really would like to meet him one day inchaalah... hamdolilah for you to become muslim... and chokran for who showed us this video, it'S a pleasure to read and see...