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  1. Fareed490

    Thomas Jefferson, US President's Racist Opinions on Black People

    Nothing has changed. I live in Michigan U.S., and I get the most horrid, arrogant looks on a regular basis. It wasn't that wy in Chicago, where I grew up. I am so sad for those losers, because unless Allah grants them Mercy and Light, there won't be any. Only torment in the grave, and the...
  2. Fareed490

    Brothers Brother, you really make me wonder!

    I, too, want love in my life. Not getting any younger. Allah Wills. If a sister knows as much or more about Deen; The answer is 'I DO!" :) :)
  3. Fareed490

    ~Weird~ what happened to the Forum

    FB offer opportunities to gaze at or say any sick demonic thing that comes to mind. [Many others do as well]. That's what many brothers and sisters are running after. I would venture to say, they don't really know whats really out there. FB allows an outlet for it's members to post pictures...
  4. Fareed490

    ~Weird~ what happened to the Forum

    Allah Knows Best.
  5. Fareed490

    Allah is the Comforter of Hearts

    We have in this life, Allah. His Angels and one another. That is worth more than anything in this foul-smelling Dunyah.
  6. Fareed490

    Visiting imam Hussain's grave is like visting Allah's throne

    And, how does Allah's Throne look like? If you saw it-when you do see It- I honestly hope your deeds aren't handed to you in the left hand, dude. There is still hope for you, and brothers and misguided sisters like yourself to even comment on the Qurdsi of Allah! You aren't an...
  7. Fareed490

    Islam will be most followed religion by 2070: Research

    We can understand why Al Islam will be the most followed religion. Why? Because "We" don't attend Jummah and change clothing to party to the morning sun,. claiming to others that 'We Love God.' Oh, really? We don't use every foul word that is "whispered into Our minds." (was wiss su) We say the...
  8. Fareed490

    Serious Cow slaughter going to be ban in India!!!

    This "news" plays an important factor in what the Holy Qur'an says, concerning those who worship as their fathers worshiped. "They worship as those gone before them, even though they were ignorant."
  9. Fareed490

    Do you wish to live in a world devoid of christians

    If we lived in Dunyah without Christians, I would have been doomed to the Hell Fire; I was a Christian, and Allah was Merciful to me in allowing me to take Kalima Shaada. Where does Daw'ah begin if we were all Muslims?