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    More Americans converting to Islam

    I would love to know those converts it's a great news among all of those bad things which i heard about being muslim and living in the USA. I would like to know one of them. Their convert to islam has inspired me to learn islam more and more.
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    help me from my uncertainty

    My sister and I recently seemed to feel like we're facing the dead end. Maybe it happened because we've never searched for our religion. It was just there and we only had to grab it because our parents provided us with it. We have been muslim since we were born. but just recently we knew what...
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    i am from indonesia

    assalamu'alaikum i am interested in this site due to my brother. he often went home with bunch of videos about muslim converts. as i watched the video, i felt so ashamed. i have been muslim since i was born but i still knew nothing about my religion. my strength is nothing compared to those...