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  1. maisha_d

    Rights of a Child

    :salam2: (1) Children have the right to be fed, clothed and protected till they grow up to adulhood (2) Right to islamic education. (3) Right to love and affection: (4) Right to be well provided (materially) other than the what is written above ^^ do children in islam have any...
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    :wasalam: aww...hehe ya i thought you were latina because of your spanish..i also took it in hs...but i dropped it cause i thought it was to similar to french, which would prob be more useful to me in canada...the sister isn't on the forums but i can give you her contact info if you...
  3. maisha_d


    :salam2: :mashallah::hearts: are you a latina sister? mashallah i also have a friend the same age as you who reverted back to islam, from a christian family, who is also latina (assuming your latina yourself hehe ) i read your posts and i just though you had so much in common with her...
  4. maisha_d

    Where in the Western World are you living?

    hehe same what i was thinking lool where in canada are you from? im from Ontario...alhamdullillah
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    so whats for iftar?

    :salam2: iftar is about ...45 minutes away and today i had a real hard time thinking of something to make for iftar..anyhow so what did you have for iftar? hehe inshAllah this thread will give me ideas for tommorow's iftar!! :wasalam: ps. today we're going to have naan bread +beef...
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    first ramadan

    :salam2: i attached a ramadhan ..prep pack its really nice alhamdulillah its small but packed with info.. :wasalam:
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    Do muslim women HAVE to marry???

    :salam2: as for this ayah i was told that this concerns the woman who has reached menopause not someone that is of 28? :wasalam:
  8. maisha_d

    Can't recite the shahadah why?

    :salam2: :mashallah: Allah [swt] guides whom he wishes, Alhamdulillah welcome to the brother/sisterhood of Islam. :wasalam: maisha
  9. maisha_d

    Muslims Sisters in SKIN-TIGHT Clothing!

    :salam2: ...bad hair day? :D :wasalam:
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    Salah Bukhatir--Surah Nuh

    Sh.Salah is from the Emirates im pretty sure he is imam at masjid shariqa in sharjah...plz feel free to correct me if im wrong....
  11. maisha_d

    Bush goes native ...

    :salam2: could u list the source for this piece of information? :wasalam:
  12. maisha_d

    Ahmed Bukahtir--Forgive Me When I Whine (Masha'Allah)

    or perhaps theyre just really sensitive..sometimes i end up crying and i don't know why...
  13. maisha_d

    Moving to muslim countries

    1. You believe that Jesus is your salvation; I don’t understand the logic in that. If Jesus was crucified then he is dead, (according to your beliefs) how can a dead person be your salvation? Before this you claim that Jesus is your Lord (I find this contradictory but, whatever) so if he was...
  14. maisha_d

    question of a to answer?

    ..Sister in islam...
  15. maisha_d

    question of a to answer?

    :bismillah: :salam2: A non-Muslim friend of mine asked me “If God exists then why is there evil on this earth?” And “Do Muslims believe in free-will?” Before giving her an answer I would like some feedback from my brothers and sisters. :wasalam:
  16. maisha_d

    i started wearing the hijab

    :D lol i had similar reactions when i started wearing the niqab... don't wry after they get used to it theyll get over it ...the first few weeks were...interesting...
  17. maisha_d

    Video A female voice is heard leading both men and women in prayer

    "It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah. Verily, Allah is AllMighty, OftForgiving." [surah 35:28] allah will punish our nation by taking the knowledge away from the people...look what's happening...
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    Baptism??? and Islam

    :salam2: i pray that allah makes everything easy for you, perhaps while your son is growing up you can put special emphasis on the importance of seeking islamic knowledge that way if he ever becomes curious about his fathers religion he will always know what is wrong and what is right...May...
  19. maisha_d

    Farshi Torab by Abdullah Al Hamd

    nasheed on death by mishary :salam2: a nice reminder on how short life is... :wasalam:
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    Narrated Abu Dhar: [073:071 Sahih Bukhari ] That he heard the Prophet saying, "If somebody accuses another of Fusuq (by calling him 'Fasiq' i.e. a wicked person) or accuses him of Kufr, such an accusation will revert to him (i.e. the accuser) if his companion (the accused) is innocent."...