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    advices 4 a muslim son

    That was really good, where have you been all this time sis Hayat
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    100 premarital questions

    Wow, imagin sitting down with your potential partner with this list in your hand and ticking them off as you ask them...once you reach the 100th question, the potential partner will say, now my turn, are you crazy. Jks, some very good questions there
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    **cures for illnes**

    marshala you've set the territory for your posts by little stars on either side, that was good but the second best cure for all diseases is honey. It is the only food item mentioned in the Quran to have the proporties of curing illnesses. The first cure is found in just reading the Quran.
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    oh man, I am guilty of disobeying my parents. If there is one reason for which I will be exempted from Heaven then its because I was an undutiful daughter. I know it's wrong but I don't know what to do, I just dont have any patience, especially when it comes to my mum. Reading such hadiths and...
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    goose bumps, goose bumps, goose bumps That was nice...the thought of falling off the plane and flying through the clouds and the sky
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    ** I Need Your Advice!! **

    Salam brother, You know how you said the halal butcher is too far, then I suggest you go once in a while by public transport and buy a lot of meat (stock up on it) and don't share it with anyone as everyone else can eat the regular meats. Secondly since you are a male, attending the Friday...
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    Missing Prayer Punishment

    I like to guide people to Islam with words of hope, paradise, Allah's pleasure etc etc, I personally dislike scarying people with the description of hell, grave and what have you, but then again, sometimes we need that reminder. That was very scary, I have read a similar thing before but...
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    Some Information

    I dont get why some people are so low that they have time to do such things. A so called friend of mine once sent me a virus as well, it really isn't funny. Thanks for the warning sister.
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    19 Ways to Forgiveness of Future Sins

    May Allah sw forgive your past and future sins for sharing that with us along with the rest of ummati mohammed.
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    Why Swine is forbidden...

    :wasalam: Yep I agree. We can find all sorts of reasons as to why something may be forbidden, and though that is a good thing, the true reason as to why something is forbidden remains with Allah taalla alone. And what would happen if we tried to find the reason as to why something was haram...
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    arrghh..plz read & respond!

    I serve swine products as well and quiet frankly, I would not be confortable enough to use my money which I gained from selling pigs to go hajj, I think it's best to be safe rather than sorry. The group who says it's haram actually prove their point so I don't know just how long I will stay with...
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    Video A man convert to Islam live on PeaceTV, IRF Peace Conference

    sniff sniff..Allahu Akbar! What a fantastic speaker!
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    Mekka ( Hajj) 1937 rare video

    :jazaak: for sharing
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    what is better to hug or shake hands

    :wasalam: Wow what you said about me is totally true and yes I am more cyber friendly. I think the reason for that is because in real life, I feel too wushy woshy and feel as though it's my farewell speech or something... Life 'down under' is good, but we find ourselves constantly struggling...
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    what is better to hug or shake hands

    Gee thanks man, you made my day:shymuslima1: I haven't always been like that though. My family is not very affectionate, like we don't say I love you or kiss each other, rather we pick on each other, but boy do we love each other even though we don't admit it. Once my dad got struck with a...
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    Does anyone remember this hadith?

    I know exactly which hadith you are talking about, the sahabi was Umar ra as far as I can remember. I searched for it but I couldn't find it but thats the closest one I came across: Book 024, Number 5186 Sahih Muslim: A'isha reported that the bedding on which. Allah's Messenger (may peace...
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    Who R U??

    :salam2: sis, h r ya? omg, I didn't even have to search, I just typed in Islamic nasheed lyrics and found it, it was so easy! Check out the link below, it lists all the artists, once u click on them, all their songs pops up, then click on the song u wish to know the lyrics for. Too easy...
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    Just curious - views / experience on polygamy

    You said it man, I agree! (DORIS)
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    summary of One's Life

    :salam2: Good one!
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    Just curious - views / experience on polygamy

    Come again! Think again! Aisha ra, the best women in the eyes of the Prophet asw was in a polygamous relationship. Hajar, the best women in the eyes of Prophet Ibrahim asw was in a ploygamous relationship! Do you think they were women with low self-esteem who thought they deserved no better...