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    OK, I wanted to answer the sister and promote the center in the same time , specially when she asked about something that I can help her with and maybe others like her want to learn Arabic to help understand Islam. I understand your rule and not taking it personally, Jazaka Allahu Khairan Akhi...
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    Assalamu Aleikom everybody, I am an old member here since 2008 I am now working in Kalimah Center which is one of the most reputable centers that are specialized in teaching Arabic to non Arabic speakers. I recommend it not only because I work in it but really it has a very well experienced...
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    Thinking of taking the shahada, but I have 2 questions

    Don't hesitate to rescue yourself and save your skin from hell-fire, take a courageous step forward and change your life regardless of a minor questions that can be talked if you already believe that Islam is the right religion , then you accept what is brought to you in Islam as rules of life...
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    Delete my account

    Herein I state one verse from the Holy qoran which is suitable for the issue in question for your information the word "Tâghût" means "Tyrant" that we have to disdain and stick only to Our Lord. AlBaquarah[256] : (There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the Right Path has become distinct...
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    Delete my account

    Warning! no body enforced you to choose any religion but Islam way is only one way, once you've embrassed it you are not entiteled to leave it ( the capital punishment would apply on you) and remember that:HE WHO SEEKS A RELIGION OTHRE THAN ISLAM ALLAH WOULD NOT ACCEPT FROM HIM, AND HE REMAINS...
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    My first trial

    Assalamu Aleikom my brothers and sisters It's the first poem I happen to write in English though I have written some in Arabic. Please, read it and let me know your feedback. Unleash your lust you'll regret at last Desire and caprice you far away cast Of darkness to light is a big...
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    Wish me Good Luck

    Assalamu Aleikom, Dear brothers and sisters THANK YOU all for your nice & encouraging words. May ALLAH accept from us and keep us all in the utmost state of peace. Jazakom Allahu Khaira --spread the peace-- get ready to RAMADAN
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    Wish me Good Luck

    Assalmau Alaikom, Dear Brothers and sisters, I hope you all fine Please all wish me good luck and pray for me:tti_sister: as I am going to join the Preacher Preparation Institution, tomorrow and there will be a screening test before admittance and starting the study after...
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    The Four Poisons of the Heart

    I claim that such advices as this is worth being repeated very much over and over again every day we need it. Jazaki Allahu Khairan Sister Hala
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    Muslims Living in a Kaffir Country

    Salamu aleikom All, 1st- I want to thank brother Salem for his detailed and objective explanation. 2nd- syster Layla ,look..Muslim is Muslim wherever or whenever he is. in reading the following you will be clear about this critical issue. when tackling a religious affair such as...
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    Wonderful , one of the endless Islamic miracles.

    Dear brothers and sisters, Please, visit: Sujod presentation :salah: see that presentation,download it and try to spread it every where to prove that our religion Islam is great and is the right religion given from the creator to the mankind. Once again, I urge me & you all to...
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    wonderful sujod

    Dear brothers and sisters, please visit: :salah: see that presentation,download it and try to spread it every where to prove that our religion Islam is great and is the right religion given from the creator to...
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    Solution for those who feel stress!

    This is very informative and useful share please every body spread it out to all the people we should save no effort to spread this kind of information which shows the right face of islam the religion of mercy. so we are encouraged to exchange those precious posts by emails or whatsoever.. It...
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    Men are the protectors of Women

    Islam secures a highly systematic construction of the society. It emphasises the women rights to be safe and away from any toil or trouble. regarding the nature of every sex ( male or female ) Islam draws the main strategy of life and the kind of suitable activities. The messenger (peace &...
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    answer please

    wonee3 gave you the ideal answer no more can be added unless you can pray for them to be granted guidance by Allah.
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    Goodbye... I'm leaving :(

    nicely leave nicely return May allah guide you to the success and aid us to success in every exam in this world and afterlife. have a nice time studying ! we'll be praying for you but you have to study well until you return, Salam
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    Look and Block

    :SMILY138:Be aware of the following websites: 1. www.answering- 2. www.aboutislam. com 3. www.thequran. com 4. www.allahassurance. com These sites have been developed by the Jews Who intentionally spread wrong information about the QURAN , the HADITH...
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    I need good advice on working clothing

    Assalamu Alaikom sister Ameera, well I don't like to give you the fish but I like to give you the fishing rod by which you can fish yourself, thus my advice to you is: One should bear in mind four rules:- 1). Allah is fair ,he never be unfair to anybody as he knows and legislates what's...
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    muslims from holland

    THis is right that the unknown internet contacts may be misleading but true contacts and friends are more reliable. Also, our religion should be taken from true persons that are entitled to teach us the religion not fom any resources or media which may be fake.
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    Any help please?i'll apperciate that?

    in my openion, there is no such relation between dissecting the body for medical purpose and studying the archeology/arts. but as I promised you sister I will get you the exact answer keep patient.