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  1. abou haytam

    Clarification on the hadeeth

    "Questions about Allaah's descending" lowest heaven and says: 'No one asks more about my servants thatn myself. Who is asking me, so I can give to him? Who is calling uon me, so I can answer him? who is seeking my forgiveness, so I can forgive him?'". I got two questions about this hadith...
  2. abou haytam

    Clarification on the hadeeth

    There is no contradiction between the fact that Allaah descends to the lowest heaven and His having risen above the Throne (istiwaa’) When asked "Where is Allah ?" I reply "Above the seven Heavens and the Arsh" But taking the Hadith regarding that Allah descends to the lowest heaven in the...
  3. abou haytam

    Help with 'Al-Nas'?

    Equivalent to one-thrid of qu'raan Salam O alikom I was absent for a while, your post bring me again to share with you this information which usuful incha allah for you and all my brothers and sisters : Al-Bukhaari (6643) narrated from Abu Sa’eed that a man heard another man reciting Qul...
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    what if this happened in muslim country ?

    salam o alikom brother and sister i am back again. i am always around since my last post. i am doing well hamdo lillah. i would like to share with you this link
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    I want to say Goodbye

    My Brothers and Sisters, I justed wanted to say good-bye to all of you. Tomorow I am going back to my country (morocco). I am going to start a new muslim life incha allah. please make duaa for me. I will be absent for a while but incha allah for sure i will be around tti. It was a great...
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    admin& mods

    good idea.
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    Beautiful HADITH Recitation!

    salam o alikom I personnally don't apreciate it, cuz. 1- The companion of our prophet :SAW: never recit hadith like Quran. 2-People can get confused about what is Quran and what is Hadeeth. 3-Allah ordred to recit onlly quran in measured rythmic tones: In the name of Allah, the Beneficent...
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    Is there any Halal suicide method?

    Ruling on wishing for death Question: If a Muslim is faced with many problems in life, and cannot resolve them, is it permissible for him to pray that he may die, so that he will find relief from these problems?. Answer: Praise be to Allaah. Firstly: A long life in which a believer does...
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    Hello from Finland!

    Hi Mariana; welcom to tti. May allah guid you. Many sweet and intelligente sisters on tti are willing to help you and answer your questions. you are in the right place. (63) Say (O Muhammad SAW): "O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians): Come to a word that is just between us and...
  10. abou haytam

    Thanks to All!

    salam o alikom sister; I know you are new to islam and i know that many thing sounds illogic cuz they don't fit to your '' logic '' or your style of life. remember sister that when alcohol is forbiden in our prophet(pbuh)time, his (pbuh) companion didn't ask for ''scientific'' proof why it...
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    jazak allaho khayran
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    salam signed it
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    salam o alikom arabe people used to say ليس في القنافد أملس meaning : There are no soft Hedgehogs ummah should wake up and work hard for itself. to hope that an americain leader could be a freind to muslims show how weak we are.
  14. abou haytam

    Arrested in Starbucks

    salam o alikom first of all i would like to know the source of the news. i am sure it s fox or cnn, anyway, i realy wonder why americain news bring those policy mistaks of saoudia arabia when usa police are not that clean. Ok in usa religion and stat is sparated , so polices don t make...
  15. abou haytam

    US raid kills Iraqi civilians

    salam o alikom US raid kills Iraqi civilians Iraqi civilians are continually caught in the crossfire[AFP] At least three Iraqis including one woman have been killed after a US raid on a house near the town of Tikrit according to Iraqi and US officials. Iraqi police said a couple...
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    salam brother; what do you mean plz ?
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    Prove you are a genius

    my Msoffice licence is expired so i can t edit my name in the file. the pwd contain those digit 9,1,0 ( it s in 5 digit, ) two of the three digit are repeated :D did i get it dna ;)
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    Hi :)

    hi welcome to tti, you are in the right place to learn about islam. peace
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    Forgotten pillar of islam on TTI

    Minimum amount (nisaab) required to pay zakat in dollars Question: I live in the united states. How much is Nesab el-Zakat in US dollars? Answer: Nisaab ul-Zakat for naqd (gold and silver) is defined as the minimum amount of naqd specified by shari’a below which one is not required...
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    Forgotten pillar of islam on TTI

    What is the nisaab on paper money? Question: How much is the nisaab for zakaah with regard to paper money? Is it possible to calculate the nisaab for money on the basis of the nisaab for gold or silver? Answer: Praise be to Allaah. The value of the nisaab [the amount that...