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  1. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    Urgent.. Need Shaykh Mohammed Jibreel`s Asma ul Husna plz

    Assalam u Alykum, i am pakistani and in Pakistan youtube is bann...... plz i need Shaykh Mohammed Jibreel`s Asma ul Husna and Dua too in mp3 so plz anybody can download this and convert this in mp3 and than attach it over here ...... Jazak Allahu Kyer Allah Hafiz
  2. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    watch makkah & madina live from your pc‏

    :salam2: its not working even in my computer...:(
  3. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    LG lollipop gd580(need advice)

    :salam2: JAZAAK ALLAHU KHYER....for your suggestions…your idea`s are very meaningful to me... actually I was looking LG lollipop because this set gives typical girls look…..:muslim_child: i haven’t use LG sets before and unfortunately many people told me that LG company is not good...
  4. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    LG lollipop gd580(need advice)

    :salam2:brothers and sisters, i am looking for a LG lollipop mobile.and this is first time i am going to use another Companies mobile i wanted to know that weither this set works well or not? waiting for your good advice..... JAZAAK ALLAHU KHEYR :salam2:
  5. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    The Olive fruit;benefit and privilege from a blessed tree.

    :salam2: JAZAAK ALLAHU KHEYR....for sharing this.....this is really very informative.... :salam2:
  6. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    ....True or False Game....

    :salam2: Yes maybe....but at this time no.... green is your favorite colour...
  7. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    Post ur fav. Quote

    :salam2: "Do ordinary for Allah He will do extra ordinary for you, Do natural for Allah He`ll do supernatural for you, Do possible for Allah He`ll do impossible for you." :salam2:
  8. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    Islamic Youth Awakening Nasheeds!!!

    plz do Dua 4 Pakistan :salam2: PAKISTAN needs PEACE..... plz do dua for pakistan... :salam2:
  9. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    Islamic Youth Awakening Nasheeds!!!
  10. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    Islamic Youth Awakening Nasheeds!!!

    :salam2: i want to download these videos....and i hav tried several time....but the problem is after downloading these videos they don’t work in any format...... so plz if any body knows abt this do let me know..... Jazaak Allahu Khyar.... :salam2:
  11. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    Great newz!!!

    :salam2: i dont think on net its only 4 girls.....u can take information from the link they have given..... All the details of the Taleem al Quran Online Course 2009 can be found at: JAZAAK ALLAHU KHYER.... :salam2:
  12. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    Great newz!!!

    :salam2: AMEEN.....:)
  13. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    vedio cutter and joiner

    :salam2: i want vedio joiner n cutter but there is no free softwear in any is there any free softwear on net?....if its there than kindly tell will be a great help of mine... JAZAAK ALLAHU KHYER :salam2:
  14. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    Great newz!!!

    :salam2: I am sorry for late news but still there is a chance to join it...And get all the answers of ur LIFE!!! If you've always wanted to learn and study the Qur'aan but have never gotten the chance to - then take hold of this opportunity now! Starting this January Al Huda...
  15. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    I need serious help

    :salam2:brother I dont know abt this disease PARANOIA....but i know two things and that are SABAR N SABAR in ur disease bcoz this is test from ALLAH…..ALLAH only checks the person that now what he or she will do? So never think abt your disease…. And do SHUKAR becoz i hav...
  16. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    'Hoori' women in da paradise A QUESTION!

    :salam2: I am so so sorry if I hurt you.... I didnot exactly mean that black ppl are not good, I myself am not much fair... My answer was according to the question... If I hurt u than am sorry again...any attack on the race or colour was not intended :salam2:
  17. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    'Hoori' women in da paradise A QUESTION!

    :salam2: what i think is that every person get attracted towards thats why ALLAH wants to attract us towards JANNAH... ALLAH knows are nature...the thing we get attract..... if HE would be saying there will be a black hoora`s n instead of greenery ,trees there would be a...
  18. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    What is Holloween?

    :salam2: Halloween: Through Muslim Eyes By A. Idris Palmer Halloween is an annual Western celebration based on Celtic and European pagan doctrines and traditionally applied to the evening of October 31st. It is derived from rituals involving dead spirits and devil...
  19. binte-AkhlaqAhmd


    :salam2: i call my father=Pappa n when i am in hurry i call Appa n i call my mother=Ammi.... :salam2:
  20. binte-AkhlaqAhmd

    I reverted to Islam last Thursday

    :salam2: MASHALLAH,ALHAMDULILLAH......Welcome to a true religion....n u know there is a dubble AJAR for u people....i dont rem the first AJAR but the second AJAR is for sabar.... bcoz mostly convertrs hav TO face some problems....n in any problem when u will do SABAR ALLAH will gives u a...