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    Whichone is Al-Aqsa Masjid???

    :ma: jazakhallah khair for the share
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    Sadly asking for your help!!

    Walaikums as salam warehmatullahi wabarakatuh .. in sha allah will pray for you brother .. and allah will surely help you !! Barakhallah feek ... Asalamalaikum warehmatullahi wabarakatuh
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    walaikum as salam brother mahussain3 .. thanks for suggesting me this forum :)
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    Looking for a good ebook for Hajj

    Short Description about the book "Hajj & Umrah from A to Z": a careful scientific approach that gradually guides pilgrims to perform the Hajj rituals very easily and smoothly. The design was developed through an educational perspective that handles all critical issues of Hajj rituals from a...
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    Looking for a good ebook for Hajj

    Walaikumsalam warehmatullahi wabarakatuh .. yes sister i know one ebook , its very nice as it explains each an every step very nicely and moreover it uses pictures and maps to help us understand the steps.. The book's name is "Hajj and Umrah from a to z " its author is Mamdouh N. Mohamed. You...
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    Walaikumsalam warehmatullahi wabarakatuh :) may Allah (swt) bless u and your family with good health and happiness in this world and hereafter , ameen :)
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    Yeah sure !!! shukran all of you for your kind concern :)
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    Who's your favorite reciter/qari?

    Asalamalikum !! my favorite Qari is Sheikh Abdul Rahman Sudais Sheikh Mishary Rashed Alafasy Sheikh Ali Bin Abdul Rehman Hudhaify
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    Is this Guide Authentic?

    this book is by Mamdouh N. Mohamed and is available at
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    Is this Guide Authentic?

    Asalamalaikum warehmatullahi wabarakatuh ... I wanted to suggest a book to all those who are intending to do hajj/umrah .. this book "Hajj and umrah a to z" is a must keep to all those who are going for umrah/hajj for the first time .. in this books pictures and maps are used to explain the...
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    Jazakhallah khairan :)
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    The keepers of hell

    Jazakhallah khair for this perfect reminder... May allah protect us from the hell fire ... ameen
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    Asalamalaikum warehmatullahi wabarakatuh I have joined this forum as it was recommended by one of the brother in islam ,, m very thankful to him for suggesting me this forum and m happy to be a part of it !! In sha allah looking forward to learn more about islam :) jazakhallah khairan