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    While I agree there are injustices in the western law system...I do want to point out for most criminals in the prison system, prison isn't a luxury. While yes you are recieving, food, shelter and television, you are probably going to be constantly alert watching your back because it is likely...
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    50 cool facts

    salam! actually a ducks quack does echo, but the echo and the actual quack sound hit each other and so it sounds like it doesn't echo. lol I'm kind of a nerd, and saw it on mythbusters :p
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    Need Help To Build Up an Islamic Club

    Assalam Alaikum, I think your first step should be to set up an executive board, have elections to vote for a president, vice-president, etc. That way you have a set group of people who can keep things organized. That way at a meeting, the e-board will have a set agenda of items to talk about...
  4. soeurette

    How Islamic Inventors Changed the World

    Assalam Alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak!!! This is a great article well not so much of an article as a list that a friend posted on another friends page on FB, I hope you all enjoy :hijabi:
  5. soeurette

    Video How The Bible Led Me To Islam..

    Assalam Alaikum, Jazakhallah for this wonderful video, mashAllah this brother's story (as is with many reverts/converts whichever they prefer) is such an inspiration. We take islam for granted sometimes, but when you hear such stories it should be a reminder to all of us.
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    Terrorists burn mosque in Greece

    Salam, I think that by jumping to the assumption that the Greek police burned the masjid we are just as guilty as those who jump to the assumption that everything bad that happens is caused by muslims. If the police did play a part I would hope that those who were involved will be punished...
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    Gender Pre-selection

    Salam, Sister Shyhijabi while I can understand your annoyance at the fact that people have the knee jerk reaction of designer babies, but from my research for my bioinformatics course it isn't the majority that I worry about but the minority. There are people out there that are going to use...
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    Gender Pre-selection

    Assalam Alaikum I don't know I think pre-selection is too Gattacaish (I don't know if you've ever seen the movie) but I think that if you start with gender, then its like what next, soon we would have designer babies and I think science needs to learn where to stop, I can understand if people...
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    Question about cheese????

    Walikum Salam, Actually Cabot cheese makes halal cheese, not all of them are but a majority of the blocks of cheeses are.
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    Two People Conversing Privately to the Exclusion of a Third

    Salam, That is the story of just about every masjid I've been to, and because I don't speak, urdu, or hindi, or arabic or whatever, I usually have to sit alone, or hope someone I know will show up. Sadly that's why I hate going to events unless I know people I know are going to be there. When...
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    California Muslim denied service at bank over hijab

    :salam2: you know I read all these stories and yet I've never had a single problem. I've never been stopped, never been denied service...nothing, and inshAllah it'll stay that way. I do feel bad for my brothers and sisters who have to endure this, but I feel like my region of the US isn't...
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    School cancelled Friday prayer?

    Salam! Can I ask where you live, if you live in the states and go to a public school, if you go to the principal or even up to the superintendent they have to allow you and the brothers a right to take time to pray, if you go to private school thats another matter.
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    What would you do if you were them ?

    lol, yeah my mother wasn't thrilled at the idea of having a rat, my boss was going to give her to me, oh well probably better for everyones sanity not to have one. :p lol, I definitely say that is a smart idea :SMILY335:
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    What would you do if you were them ?

    lol I've never really been afraid of snakes and rats (I nearly got a pet rat, but my mom was terrified of them so she wouldn't let me get it) and mice and things like that, I love animals and I find there is no reason to be afraid, when it comes down to it they are more frightened of you. Your...
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    What would you do if you were them ?

    Some of those look like cobra's in which animal control would definitely be called, but if it were reguler garden snakes or something I would just take it out. I like snakes and I'm not really scared of them.
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    how MYSPACE upset me today

    I don't think people are getting what I'm trying to say. I have no problems with correcting mistakes, I do that myself. There is nothing wrong with correcting mistakes, in fact as people have said we are required to do that. What I have a problem with is people sitting around making judgments...
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    how MYSPACE upset me today

    I can understand what your intentions are, and I can more then relate to your situation. But the thing is people like me we don't want to be preached to about the rights and wrongs of our behaviours (I'd rather not have comments about that, that is my personal thing so please I would rather not...
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    how MYSPACE upset me today

    Whether its confidential or not does not give anyone the right to go around spreading other people's vice around. And I know the saying of the prophet about correcting sins we see, but explain to me how we are correcting anything by coming on TTI and spreading other people wrongdoings online...
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    how MYSPACE upset me today

    Why? Not that I'm defending anyones behaviour, but this is exactly why I'm completely disillusioned with muslims, ok your shocked by some of the behaviours of some of our brothers and sisters but why is it muslims insist on going around like public criers sharing the sins of other people, isn't...