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  1. shaz_1999

    Saudi women challenge driving ban

    I cant belive they are not allowed to drive I love driving so much I put the Nasheeds up load and drive I just love it The weird thing is my hubby to be cant drive so its good that I can coz I cant stand public transport
  2. shaz_1999

    to help a friend with a failing marriage.

    I am so sorry but cant really help you that much. I went through what I think was a really hard time and the one thing that help me was praying my namaz and praying to Allah. When I look back that helped me and also the support of my friends and family So carry on supporting you friend...
  3. shaz_1999

    Frustrations that where I live isn't "Muslim enough"

    I can totally see where your coming from. But here I live it a good muslim community but when I go to work I feel as though I am the only muslim their which is not the case, but they dont look or act like muslims and the one person barely talks. So I feel really left out and have to...
  4. shaz_1999


    Go to the Masjid and pray you can easily make friends their, these people may not be as religious as you like but at least you have something in common such as praying at the Masjid
  5. shaz_1999


    I have not been on for so long brother due to various reasons but this story brings tears to my eyes. I just want to say that Inshallah I will try and remember you and your family in my duas and I just feel it for you bg time. I am not a parent myself but when you grow up in a big family...
  6. shaz_1999

    So sad....

    I was lucky to be born a muslim but from what I have read or heard at times families do come round to the way of life and accept you as a muslims. I would love to help you but im not sure how I can help you I am really sorry Salamz
  7. shaz_1999

    Bell ringer goes joke!!!

    I found that really funny Thanks for making me laugh
  8. shaz_1999

    are u extremis or not?

    I cannot believe this is what people talk about, I mean we could stir all sorts of things with this subject and for that reason I am not going to say anything on it
  9. shaz_1999


    I believe big time in the company we keep is how we are I see the way people change in front of their friends in front of my own eyes, its so werid Salamz
  10. shaz_1999

    Salam from Paris

    Salamz Abdelali Welcome to the site Just want to ask is it really bad living as a muslim in France as people say it is, I mean like is it hard to practice and that. Sorry just asking you dont need to answer if you dont want to Take care everybody Salamz
  11. shaz_1999

    Hajib- Need Advice.

    If you have completed your Nikha please phone her and tell her how you feel, I know people whoes families belive in loads of culture stuff over Islam, it is so hard to try and explain to them but never give up coz it is your Faraz. Hope it helps Take care everybody Salamz
  12. shaz_1999

    My Intro.

    Welcome to the site I will try and help you in any way I can all you need to do is ask Its so kool to have you here
  13. shaz_1999


    So you like the English language me who was born here in England I find the language so weird. First time I have heard someone say this, I am shocked Anyway glad that you do like Welcome to the site and Salamz
  14. shaz_1999

    Cheetos, Doritos & Sunchips are Haram!!

    We can eat OREOs then I wasnt sure so I stopped eating them
  15. shaz_1999

    Gotta wallpaper for you guys...

    It looks kool but I cant look it to long makes my eyes feel funny
  16. shaz_1999

    Thank you

    Salamz Brother Ibrahim I totaly undestand where you are coming from, I dont even come on as much as I used to (but I do now have a full time job) coz the things that people said didnt interest me, but the thing that I realy enjoyd reading was what you wrote coz it came from the heart not just...
  17. shaz_1999

    Women & Feet???!!

    Im not sure anyway I cant stand peopls feet, so I wear socks most the time only when it is proper hot then I would wear sandles. Sorry was not much help
  18. shaz_1999

    Baby Muslimah Introduction

    Welcome sister I just want to say ask anything that you want Its so kool that your a muslim
  19. shaz_1999

    Advice Please

    The question is do you trust this women if no trust exists then with no question you dont go ahead with it. A good thing is how did you meet her, like for us we go on what people would tell us about the family and this helps us see if we as a couple would get on with each others family's...
  20. shaz_1999

    New sister hoping to find some friends and encouragement!

    Salamz sister If you need support then I am more then happy to. Take care sister Welcome to such a big family sister youve made my week