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  1. dna1987

    UAE - Camel Jocky Slave Kids 2011

    These ones are closed off to alll foreigners. It's just the rich owners of the lands, and other royalties from neighbouring countries that are interested in gambling on these camel races. Assalam alaikum.
  2. dna1987

    UAE - Camel Jocky Slave Kids 2011

    I don't know what you were watching, but this has nothing to do with tourism. Assalam alaikum.
  3. dna1987

    UAE - Camel Jocky Slave Kids 2011 May Allah bless this man named Ansar (from Pakistan) for the risks he's taking with his life.
  4. dna1987

    rape and abortion

    The soul is breathed in after 40 days? :salam2:
  5. dna1987

    Assad Forces Kill 78 Sunni Civilians in Homs, 12 Bodies Burned Alive

    What doesn't make sense is that Homs and Hama are meant to be completely under rebel control. How do government militia manage to sneak in and commit these killlings at point blank range and then escape again back to Damascus?? Also, if there are talks of ceasefire, as outsiders we should...
  6. dna1987

    More than a 100 more innocent dead in Hama

    vRgHkd5V604 This is getting worse and worse... Assalam alaikum.
  7. dna1987

    Nusayri Shias carry Israeli Flag in Pro-Assad rally in Canada

    This is undeniable proof. Iran must be bombed with nuclear weapons. No shia must be spared. What's worse is that on another video on youtube, there was a video of people marching and protesting for the Palestinian people with Palestinian flags, and in the background, you can clearly see an...
  8. dna1987

    Lebanon Intercepts 150 Tons of Weapons and Arms Headed Towards Syria

    ul1Us6iGc3A&feature=related More proof that this Alawite dogs are the ones importing weapons that are responsible for breaking the ceasefire in Syria and resulting in civilian deaths!! These Alawite pigs wrapped in dog-saliva and soaked-in-alcohol are disgusting, they are involved in.....oh...
  9. dna1987

    Women and children murdered on the orders of President Obama

    YeIkpr88H4E&feature=related The Yemeni people need to get a real government or real leaders in there. Or at least those that doesn't let the USA kill anyone in their country, and then tell the public they ordered the bombings. Or at least a leader that doesn't throw their own journalist in...
  10. dna1987

    Fake Quran & Islamic Sites

    I thought the Quran cannot be faked? Isn't there a challenge within the Quran itself that says no one willl be able to produce even one chapter? Assalam alaikum.
  11. dna1987

    Assad forces Kill over 80 people in Al-Hulah massacre in Syria 25/05/2012

    Assalam alaikum. Original reports were that these innocent civilians were massacred by bombs and shelling of the building by the Syrian Army under Assad. That to me should be a clear cut sign for Assad to step down. But within a few hours, medical doctors are saying that civilians killed...
  12. dna1987

    Saudi Arabia: Dancing To Israel’s Tune – OpEd

    Yeah, you need to learn to argue with the message, and not the messenger. One person, out of many who contributed to the article, is Iranian, therefore the whole idea must be false? It seems like there are some people who will scoff at the sky being blue if an Iranian suggests it. This article...
  13. dna1987

    The Saudis have spoiled Mecca – but the British Museum doesn’t want you to know (OpEd) Seriously, they turned the Prophet's (peace be upon him) house into a cattle market first, and now it's a library! Abu Bakr's house has been turned into a...
  14. dna1987

    Ethiopian maid publicly abused in Lebanon takes her own life – Video The video, aired by Lebanese television, has caused outrage in the country, where reports of mistreatment of domestic workers are common. The woman's employer, who was seen trying to bundle...
  15. dna1987

    Nabeel Rajab-Bahrain "Human Rights" Interview on BBC

    ^ When the majority of the population is Shia, I'd guess majority of the people in different positions would also be Shia. That being said, I had a Sunni friend from Bahrain studying engineering at my uni back in 2006. We'd hang out after Jummah now and then in a group of friends. (End of...
  16. dna1987

    Israeli travel ban turns Palestinians' dreams into nightmares

    Maybe he's trying to shine sunlight into the eyes of the Palestinians. Just a guess. I know there are settler Israeli kids who do that all the time with mirrors..plenty of those videos on youtube.
  17. dna1987

    Jordanian minister slams Iranian intervention in Syria

    They need to open their borders and allow more FOOD to be sent to the poorer people in the West Bank. Unlike weapons, food will most likely not kill anyone if it falls into the wrong hands. But you know Jordan isn't going to do that either... King Abdullah sided with the Israelis, when they...
  18. dna1987

    US & UK seek revenge on Syria for opposing Iraq war

    You know, that's exactly how I've felt every single time somebody posted an article about an Arab family oppressing a Muslim maid or worker of their's from an Asian country - and instantly there was a non-stop supply of pathetically weak excuses for their actions on these forums, followed by...
  19. dna1987

    US & UK seek revenge on Syria for opposing Iraq war

    Anyways, the purpose of sharing this news article was just to reveal that the British and American governments are completely opposed to the current Syrian government. That is 100% true. So do what you will with the information. You can say that in this case, you seem to have the same view...
  20. dna1987

    US & UK seek revenge on Syria for opposing Iraq war

    What are you on about? Salem, the other user with the same view points as you, already shared an article on TTI about how Saudi Arabia is giving weapons to rebel groups in Syria. Al-Qaeda happens to be one of the rebel groups within the country. Also, about the confirmed Al-Qaeda bombings in...