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  1. Libinette

    Hajj Thread!

    Assalam 'aleykum I hope everybody knew Dhul Hijjah began today (Wed.17th October) if not, don't worry, you still have 9 days inshAllaah!
  2. Libinette

    Du'a a private matter?

    Assalam 'aleykum, This is an interesting question since it's become such a common thing nowadays.. Hope we can get some insight inshAllaah UP
  3. Libinette

    Hajj Thread!

    Wa'aleykum salaam, Oh the memories you've unleashed by just upping this long-lost thread! Couldn't help but laugh at my spelling mistakes and my innocence (-I'll go hajj in two years inshAllah-) But, jazakAllaah khayr, let's get ready for these blessed days ahead of us with seriousness...
  4. Libinette

    Can I name my son Aaron?

    Wa aleykum salaam, I'm answering this by asking another question (forgive me), why would a Muslim call his/her child Aaron instead of Haroun?
  5. Libinette

    Making wudu with shorts

    Wa aleykum salaam, You are .required to fully cover your awrah during the prayer. You are also required to cover from non-related females (navel to.knees). You can wudhu whilst wearing shorts, this doesn't nullify the wudhu. Hope this hlps. And Allah knows best. - - - Updated - - - Wa...
  6. Libinette

    Question on Taraweeh and Qiyam al-layl

    Wa'aleyka salaam waRahmatullahi waBarakatuh, As far as I am aware, this is not permissible because if you're leading your own prayer, you must recite the Qur'an yourself (you can't just stand there without actually reciting the verses yourself [either aloud or silently]). Alternatively, you...
  7. Libinette

    Du'a request.

    Wa'aleika salaam waRahmatullah waBarakatuh, Inna lilaah wa inna ilayhi raji'oun. I will be making du'a for your grand-father inshAllaah. Remember what the Prophet 'aleihi salaam would say in such circumstances: 'Inna-l ayna la tadma3 wa inna-l qalba la tahzan wa la naqul ila ma...
  8. Libinette

    How do you repent ?

    No need to apologise. One point though, you guys are talking about istighfar (seeking forgiveness) right? The sister in the first post said 'repentance' = tawbah. There's a difference between the 2. "Ask your Lord for forgiveness (istighfar) and then turn in repentance (tawbah) to Him,"...
  9. Libinette

    How do you repent ?

    JazakAllaah khayr brother Ditta, although my question was directed to the sister for a reason ^^' you gave the answer out, never mind. Here's another good supplication: Shaddad ibn Aws narrated that the Prophet [صلى الله عليه وسلم] said; "the most superior request for forgiveness is to...
  10. Libinette

    How do you repent ?

    Wa'aleiki salaam waRahmatullaah ukhtee, Good thread topic! Can I ask you a question if you don't mind: why say 'astaghfirullah' 70 times and not 60times? And why after sleeping? Yes, there are a good number of authentic supplications in the sunnah to say when seeking forgiveness...
  11. Libinette

    A good way to encourage?

    Assalam 'Aleikum, I think the meaning of praise in the above narrations mainly relates to acts of worship (or acts that draw one closer to Allaah.) We should avoid praising someone's level of commintment in front of him lest he would be filled with arrogance. But what you seem to be...
  12. Libinette

    Takaballallahu Minna waminkum ,

    Wa'aleiki salaam warahmatullah my dear, Nice to see you around ukhtee, I hope you and your family had a brillant Eid! Much love
  13. Libinette

    Takaballallahu Minna waminkum ,

    Taqaballaah minna wa minkum jami3an Eid Mubarak! =)
  14. Libinette

    Ramadhan 1432-2011

    Assalam 'Aleikum waRahmatullaah waBarakatuh, With about 55 days remaining until the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadhan, I thought it would be highly interesting to open this thread in order to allow the members of this forum to propose their ideas, suggestions, tips for us to make...
  15. Libinette


    Wa'aleiki salaam, Wa anti min ahlil-jaza'a Tamana, Thanks a lot! I'm in dire need of du'a =) May Allaah [swt] be with you always. All the best sis.
  16. Libinette ??? misinforming ??

    Did you edit your post? I thought I read something else "/
  17. Libinette


    Hi, What we consider "caves" in today's language was probably considered a place of habitat back in the early days. And yes, you're right that adaptation skills change and evolve with time. Anyways, that is a generation that has passed by, they shall get what they earned and we shall get...
  18. Libinette


    I'm ''up-ing'' your thread. Important hadith, inshAllaah someone can provide more details and commentary regarding this hadith.
  19. Libinette ??? misinforming ??

    Assalam 'Aleika, I just went on the website, to see what it's all about and for those who don't know this is what they have on their first page: Very Important Announcement According to our numerical analysis of the Quran, in-sha-Allah (if God is willing): - The Mahdi will most...
  20. Libinette


    Wa'aleiki salaam, InshAllaah, you'll get good grades. Don't stress and just give it your best shot! If you've done the work, then you'll see the result. All the best¬!