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    muslims today_ must watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    very powerful video sister, jazaki Allah for sharing, the first part is very true, majority of people do not care and are too wrapped up in their own lives
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    Situation in Syria

    if you watch 'syria's torture machine' you will see that what is happening in syria is beyond comprehension. there are many videos available which have been verified to be genuine
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    what happens to these children?

    yijzeek Allah khairan, so there are differences in opinion, from what i read, and Allah knows best
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    Syrians are calling, but we are silent!!!

    this question of yours is highly ambigious! look deep into the history of syria to find them marching on the battlefield..look deeper, you will see thousands of the companions of the prophet peace be upon him who migrated to al-shaam. i sat next to you in the masjid, i am syrian, i made...
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    Syrians are calling, but we are silent!!!

    yes he did give haven to thousands of palestinians and also iraqis, but in no way does this justify his current actions. again, this is not a policitcal interest, it is an islamic one. the same man who retrieved Golan Heights from the enemy, is the same one who killed thousands of his own people!
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    If Gay People stop being Gay and become Straight People ?

    simple. all previous sins forgiven. end of
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    what happens to these children?

    :salam2: i have always wondered as to what happens to babies or young children who died and had not reached puberty, what will happen to them? will they be in paradise as adults? is there any evidence from an islamic prespective?
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    Syrians are calling, but we are silent!!!

    big sister aapa, do take the time to read about the history of al-Ba'th and their beliefs, they are NOT muslim, they do shirk with Ali. have you not watched the video posted by shaykh al-arifi on this board?? clearly bashar and his crew believe he is the god to be worshipped. this is not muslims...
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    Syrians are calling, but we are silent!!!

    you are living in a bubble to actually believe that this is a political issue
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    2 years today...

    @ just a guy: appologies for my ignorance, since i havent been active on tti. im not sure if you are muslim or not; if you are, how are you with your salah? salah solves these problems since Allah states that it (the prayer) keeps us away from al-kabaair (major sins), e.g alcohol
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    For when the unbelievers attack you with the '12 year old wife' argument - A one sentence response.

    it was absolutely the norm at that time. correct me if i am wrong, but wasnt sayidah Aisha (ra) previously engaged to Abu Lahab's son, which was called off when the Prophet peace be upon him declared his prophethood??
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    What is so bad about having sex?

    sex outside of marriage * breaks a girl*, especially when the guy leaves her. men are far more likely to leave a girl if they are not married. we, as muslim women are reserved for that one special man. zina also breaks the family and, in turn, breaks society, which is based on family.
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    A Tough Situation regarding Marriage - Please help!

    assalamu alaikum brother, marriage comes with a huge responsibility for both the husband and wife. a pre-requisite is that the husband must be able to financially support the wife- food, clothes, education, housing etc. i believe that you should spend your youth now while you have the...
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    How Tough can marriage be?

    are you sure about that one? why then is it 'your mother, your mother your mother' i think many parents emotionally blackmail their children without really realising
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    How Tough can marriage be?

    very true, in many cases
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    When did you start wearing the hijab/niqab?

    :salam2: i wore it at the age of 11. alhamdulilah, guidance to the light of islam is the greatest blessing of all!
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    New revert, New problems

    that part was really beautiful and very true
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    :The Shirk of the Alawi religion/regime:

    the vast majority of syrians are sunni muslims. this is just a crazy handful of people, who were probablly paid to do such actions.
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    mental breakdown :'(

    try not to be too hard on yourself, we all make mistakes and we all sin and Allah is always ready to forgive us if we are sincere. the best advice i can offer is to try please your parents as much as you can, Allah accepts the parents dua for their child. i guarantee you that if you please...
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    dipressive condition

    it has nothing to do with salah. once should not miss their salah no matter how ill. alhamdulilah i have not missed any. the point was one cant just dismiss PND.