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  1. zahrany

    Question about Mahram?

    Thanks Peony Weed for your effort, but this is confusing. I live with my cousin and I dont consider him as my mahram. Also, I live with one of my parent's cousins, could they be my Mahram???
  2. zahrany

    Question about Mahram?

    Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all of you out there. I have a question, if a girl doesn't live with her father, brother or uncle ( meaning they're far apart) who can be her mahram. Is it the closest person to her from the family? men or women? Jazakumullahu khair Thanks...
  3. zahrany

    Ramadan 2012

    Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Ramadan Mubarak to all of my Muslim brothers and sisters I haven't been here for a while...I miss many of you. :D May Allah accept all of our good deeds....and forgive all of our sins
  4. zahrany

    ''For the Sinner

    mashAallah jazakillahu khair for shairng its very beautiful
  5. zahrany


    welkom to TTI bro enjoy your stay wasalamu alaykum
  6. zahrany


    jazakillahu khair sis that helped wasalamu alaykum
  7. zahrany


    :salam2: to all of you I have a question, someone i know said according to Islam a person who wasn't born in a halal marriage cant mary a muslim person? is such thing true? i thought it didn't make sense but i just want to make it clear :salam2: :hijabi:
  8. zahrany

    My Life and Your Life

    JazakAllahu khayr for sharing MashaAllah it was great poem nd very true too keeep it up bro wasalamu alaikum
  9. zahrany

    Sister Aminah Assilmi passed away

    Innallilahi wainaa Ilayhi raji'oon May Allah subhana wata'ala bless her soul and grant her jannatul firdows
  10. zahrany

    I'm Here, From Tunisia Salamo Alaikom

    walaikumu salam warahmatullah welcome to the forum sis inshaAllah u'll benefit from it....enjoy your stay
  11. zahrany

    Random topic

    well I am somali lol but i do use mostly "somalis" or somalian i cant help it really... it feels weird saying am somali i guess i didn't get use to it but inshaAllah i'll try :D wasalamu alaikum
  12. zahrany

    i cant take it ANYMORE!

    walaikumu salam sis may Allah help u i know what you going through...i too live with people who aren't my parents and Allah knows how i feel...It feels like you're in hell walahi ... they dont treat me right, i feel like am in a prison so wat am trying to say is be patient Allah will make...
  13. zahrany


    May Allah grant u speedy recoveryy ameeen tc sis
  14. zahrany


    Welcome to TTI sis enjoy your stay here...its a greatt website hope you find what you looking for tc peace
  15. zahrany

    “A Perfect Muslim.”

    beautiful jazakillahu khair sis wasalamu alaikum
  16. zahrany

    ** 15 Reasons Not to Waste Your Life! **

    jazakAllahu khair brother
  17. zahrany

    Bye bye

    have fun inshaAllah hope you come back :) u will be missed wasalamu alaikum
  18. zahrany

    Sakeena's Diary

    am sorry to hear thatt sis i know how you feeling....its the worst thing when someone reads about your privacy :( maybe you should ask her to give it back to you politely.. i dont know maybe it will work bear it with patience sis inshaAllah khair May Allah be with you wasalamu alaikum
  19. zahrany

    Losing too much blood!!

    Assalamu alaikum heyy you need to get help tell your parentsss please...u really need to see a doctor may Allah cure u sis and grant u speedy recovery i hope u feel better u'll alwayz be in ma duaz wasalamu alaikum
  20. zahrany

    Having Prosperity & Wealth: A Tried and True Method (careful reading required!)

    MAASHA'ALLAH I never got tired of reading it all jazakillahu khair was very beneficial wasalamu alaikum