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  1. melissa123

    The love of Allah

    Assalamu Alaikoum, Thankyou for sharing that story, its nice :)
  2. melissa123

    Beautiful sayings of the Prophet Muhammed (saw)

    BEAUTIFUL SAYINGS OF THE HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) 1. Part of a man's good observance of Islam is that he leaves alone what does not concern him! 2. Lies, darken the mouth and slander infuses the torments of the grave! 3. It is not permissible for a man to keep apart from his...
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    I was wondering, if actual leather that is made from cows hide has to be halal? I dont think i have anything that is leather, but i was just curious.
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    Assalamu alaikoum to everyone!! I REALLY wanted to publicly say thankyou to the moderators on here and to Brother Mabsoot who made this site. These people put so much effort and time and money into running this site, and do a great job. They bring Muslims together in an environment in which...
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    I thought this site needs some more educational material so ill post this up if anyone is interested! The Messenger of Allah (SAW) was asked: 'What is the best deed?' He stated: ‘Belief in Allah and His Messenger (SAW).’ He was then asked: 'What next?' He said: ‘Jihad in the way of Allah.'...
  6. melissa123

    My dad took Shahada last night! MashaAllah

    Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu alaikoum, I just thought that I would let you all know that my dad took Shahada last night, and he is completely oblivious to how happy he has made me, and InshaAllah he pleased Allah as well :) I have been a revert for about 10 months now, and through our...
  7. melissa123

    Finding it hard !!!

    Im a revert to Islam, (about 6 months now) so, im fairly new. I am starting just now to really study more about Islam, because I reverted when i just new the principles of Islam (which where already my beliefs anyway, MashaAllah) And now it is getting really hard for me, with my family, and...