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  1. Greg

    Proving Isa did not die on the cross

    Asalaam Alaikum, I stumbled upon this discussion between two people debating whether Jesus died on the cross. Please read all four pages. The one person providing proof is really showing some excellent knowledge and...
  2. Greg

    The Arrivals Part 3
  3. Greg

    The Arrivals Part 2
  4. Greg

    The Arrivals Part 1

    I thought it might be useful to post the link to the documentary here, it has certainly been a tool for me to look to study the end times more and see the work of the Djaal. Here are Imran Hosein's thoughts on the documentary: "Other than for a few parts, I have not viewed The Arrivals, hence...
  5. Greg

    Pope quits Does this strike anyone else as strange? Just like having a bullet-proof 'pope mobile'. Surely if you have faith in Allah, you accept that no one cam harm you if Allah desires you to be safe. Plus it is Allah...
  6. Greg

    Introduction and revert story from a new UK Brother :)

    Salaam Alaikum all! I'm so glad to have found a community of Brothers and Sisters! I hope to get to know you all soon :) I thought some people might like to read my revert story, it is quite long so apologies! ------------------------------------------------ I suppose I should begin...