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  1. apocalypse77

    Libyan Protests: Deadly 'day of rage' in Libya

    As usual, like most dictators they often think they are the solution of the problem when in fact, they are THE problem. Megalomania I suppose.
  2. apocalypse77

    Egypt to face its first Tunisian-inspired protests

    I would like to make my 2 cents on the Egyptian uprising: If Mubarak is ousted, i hope the majority wins fair and square in the elections. It does not really matter if Egypt is going to be democratic or shariah because most importantly Egyptians themselves should have a SAY in who they want in...
  3. apocalypse77

    flood in pakistan

    What is done is done. Can we stop playing God with all this "serves them right" thing?? That is Allah's business and our main duty is to pray dafety to those innocent victims. Its little things like these that dusunite Muslims and make it easier for others to attack us.
  4. apocalypse77

    Homosexuality and Marriage sure its a sin that one commits sodomy..but is being gay itself a sin? i mean im sure there are pious and religously god-fearing gay muslims who stay single and virgin their whole life? or some even force themselves to like woman..hmmmm
  5. apocalypse77

    Hajj game coming soon for PlayStation

    if its for kids, then mebe its ok i guess
  6. apocalypse77

    Women Cutting Hair

    agreed. immitate kuffar has a variety of spectrums. it can also mean using technology invented by infidels too
  7. apocalypse77

    Anyone knows any non bias articles on how Islam came to Persia?

    Im always interedted to know how Islam managed to come to Persia but sadly most of the articles i come across are all very bias..they say things like arabs were jealous of persian civilization and then conquered persia when the persian empire was very weak etc etc..:( I want to find articles...
  8. apocalypse77

    Rule America???

    ban nuclear energy and stop the tax
  9. apocalypse77

    Destruction of Buddhist Sculpture in Afghanistan

    Your respond reminds me of a phrase my dad once told me. "Some non muslims tend to behave even more islamic than muslims themselves"
  10. apocalypse77

    Destruction of Buddhist Sculpture in Afghanistan

    of course all of us wants to move on with our lives the problem is, some of us dont even want to look at the past and learn from our mistakes and continue making the same mistakes. again and again
  11. apocalypse77

    Destruction of Buddhist Sculpture in Afghanistan

    the tourism business can boost the economy and then the revenue can be use to help the poor what. besides what else can you do to boost the economy when one doenst even have natural resources other than tourism?
  12. apocalypse77

    Destruction of Buddhist Sculpture in Afghanistan

    correct me if im wrong but there are ALOT of idols on earth. will the angels not go into earth with what they see as alot of idols? wont they even enter earth when they see alot of pple who keep pictures and pple who have camera to take pictures which are seem to be blasphemous to allah's...
  13. apocalypse77

    Destruction of Buddhist Sculpture in Afghanistan

    why the double standard? iran also has a rich pre islamic past. does that mean we shoudl destroy all the idols there just ebcause most iranians ar emuslism and thye dont worship their pre islamic deities? one minute its the rleigion of peace, the next minute we are destroying idols. a lip...
  14. apocalypse77

    Destruction of Buddhist Sculpture in Afghanistan

    so if muslims are a minority in a non muslim country do they have a right to destroy idols too? arent we giving this whole "islam is the best- islam is the most puritanical - islam is intolerant islam" elitism vibe? btw, buddhists are not suppose to worship buddha
  15. apocalypse77

    how come there's so much music in lebanon?

    yes but islam encourages us to learn more knowledge about science in order for us to glorify Allah better. why int he world do you think the first revelation Gabtriel told Mohammed to read? It just goes to show you how importanty knowledge is. If we keep thinking Islam is just about rituals how...
  16. apocalypse77

    how come there's so much music in lebanon?

    i give u an example. sometimes i think Japan is MORE ISLAMIC than some muslim majority countries even though they arent muslims. why? because they are hardworking! they are among the most advance and develop countries in the world? isnt being hardworking islamic at all? look at france..such a...
  17. apocalypse77

    how come there's so much music in lebanon?

    let them be..who are we to judge people anyway? just pray to allah that allah will give them guidance. religion becomes an ugly thing when its shove down the throat like nobody's business and stop talking about secular and islamic state thing because this is all conned by the west. they have...
  18. apocalypse77

    non-muslims are they also considered to be slaves of allah?

    so why did allah create infidels of he is going to put them in hell?
  19. apocalypse77

    Saudi gang-rape victim is jailed

    This is the problem. Who are you to judge the victim, whatever she may have done? The fact remains that she was raped. Even if she were naked in front of those men, it does not excuse rape. some pple are using male dominance over women inthe pretect of religion. if this is the way things work...
  20. apocalypse77

    a must see french journalist interviews taliban exposes western media lies.

    this is when narrow mindedness creeps in. i doubt allah will acept a muslim women's deeds in putting a sack all over her body if its being force on you and not even for the purpose of sincerity and piety to allah. otherwise you are just demonstrating submisison to male dominance. more over the...