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  1. apocalypse77

    Anyone knows any non bias articles on how Islam came to Persia?

    Im always interedted to know how Islam managed to come to Persia but sadly most of the articles i come across are all very bias..they say things like arabs were jealous of persian civilization and then conquered persia when the persian empire was very weak etc etc..:( I want to find articles...
  2. apocalypse77

    US talks tough on Iran, warns China;_ylt=AketPYzKQUGu56m9vYDY8cFSw60A WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States accused Iran Thursday of "stringing along" UN watchdogs investigating its nuclear ambitions and bluntly warned China not to block new sanctions...
  3. apocalypse77

    Saudi ambassador's colourful shopping habits revealed: report;_ylt=AmwRej3LqtPPMNR2hwmxECDn7SkC LONDON (AFP) - The Saudi ambassador to London's allegedly colourful shopping habits have been revealed in an embarrassing expenses claim including guns, karaoke machines and...
  4. apocalypse77

    Is Christianity = White Nationalism????

    I saw this site while I was doing online search at google. Tell me what do you think of this?? It makes me wonder if the purpose of Christianity was much more political as to unite white people under one common identity?
  5. apocalypse77

    Saudi Arabia: Gulf armies ready for possibility of US-Iran war RIYADH (AFP) - The armed forces of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are prepared for the possibility of an armed conflict between the United States and Iran, Saudi Arabia's deputy defence minister said on...
  6. apocalypse77

    Anti-Kurdish Protests In Turkey: 'Allah Wants This War',1518,513071,00.html The mood in Turkey is becoming increasingly jingoistic as thousands take to the streets, calling for war against the Kurdish rebel organization PKK and an invasion of northern Iraq. But Baghdad has promised to curb the Kurds...
  7. apocalypse77

    Bar Iran from nuclear arms to avoid World War III: Bush WASHINGTON : President George W. Bush on Wednesday warned Iran must be barred from nuclear weapons to avoid the prospect of "World War III," and dismissed suggestions of a US-Russia rift on the crisis. Bush intervened...
  8. apocalypse77

    Turkey engaginng in Holocaust denial

    The Armenian Holocaust that is. The word 'genocide' was invented to describe what happened to the Armenians. I reckon it's time for the international community to start punishing Turkey for its repeated Armenian Holocaust denial. If Germany can accept and apologise and pay compensation for the...
  9. apocalypse77

    Muslim astronaut's space odyssey 'giant leap for all Malaysians' THE primary team with Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustapha will be launched into space at 9.21pm today. The Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos, confirmed its selection of...
  10. apocalypse77

    HRC to Address Muslim Rights Issues in Europe RIYADH, 4 October 2007 — Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) will urge its counterparts in the European Union to ask their governments not to link terrorism to Islam and also to issue regulations to protect...
  11. apocalypse77

    Saudi women challenge driving ban

    A group of women in Saudi Arabia is for the first time to lobby the kingdom's government for the right to drive cars. Members of the Committee of Demanders of Women's Right to Drive Cars plan to deliver a petition to King Abdullah by Sunday, Saudi Arabia's National Day. Correspondents say...
  12. apocalypse77

    Questions to Ex Christians/ Christians

    im a lil bit slow when it comes to the bible and this is a stupid question but i still wana ask!!..i know the bible is divided into many books(if im not wrong)..does that mean people have to buy the whole 66 books or do they actually have everything compiled into one book like the king james...
  13. apocalypse77

    Video Another video of Angela Collins

    i dontknwo if anyone of you have seen this video of angella collins talking abt her conversion, this is another one from msnbc PS:Doesa anyone here know how to download this video??
  14. apocalypse77

    Muslim pretending to be Orthodox Jew??

    2v_4CuJBjnY u guys rmbr this rabbi yisroel weiss from the neterei karta movement?i applaud jews who wana coexist with the muslims but dont you think this is rather fishy??i mean it seems to me its like hes actually pretending to be a rabbi..hmmm...did iranian government like paid him to do...
  15. apocalypse77

    Anyone can list churches that were converted to mosques and vice versa?

    i got this question..can anyone list to me the number of churches/cathedrals that have been transformed to a mosque and mosques that have been transformed to a church/cathedrals?? also, was there a mosque or a church that was transformed to a mosque/church on and off in jerusalem? if im not...
  16. apocalypse77

    Do you have any Jewish friends?

    Im sorry if I ask this question fi it seems a lil odd but in my whole life Ive never met any Jew at all so Ive certain misconceptions abt them I know this might sound stupid but, not all Jews approve of Zionists and hate Muslims right? Share with me ur experience if u have any jewish...
  17. apocalypse77

    Can WE visit Israel?

    Im just curious and I wana know, isit possible if a muslim from another country traavels and visits Jerusalem (or in this case Israel) or not?? What if its a Muslim from a Non-Muslim country and Muslims from a Muslim coutnry going to Jerusalem etc
  18. apocalypse77

    Radical Shariah?

    Im just wondering..was there ever such thing as radical shariah in any muslim countries?I mean shariah that is taken to the extreme for things like adultery/apostasy and punihments like cutting hands, behadings and stoning that isnt even islamic? (correct me if im wrong) i mean nowadays...
  19. apocalypse77

    Robert Spencer's LIES refuted

    By Joachim Martillo Anti-Islamic and anti-Arab talks/propaganda sessions that have been taking place with increasing frequency in the USA since the beginning of February seem to be coordinated (at least in the Boston and the New York/New Jersey area where I spend most of my time). The current...
  20. apocalypse77

    Video Dia Richardson: A New Muslim in America