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  1. samsung_972

    analycting thinking causes religious disbeleif?

    Recently in the university of british columbia scientists found out that analyctic thinking causes religious disbeleif. They say this because apparently those who follow a religion just go with their gut but those who apparently analyse the tenets of a faith will disbeleive. But what is our...
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    Hadith about women as domestic animals

    Salam, I recently came over a "hadith" that apparently referred to women as domestic animals. This hadith is at tabari 9:113. Can anyone shed sum light on this hadith
  3. samsung_972

    question about hadith of sun

    A non muslim asked me a quetion about the rasul ,peace and blessings , hadith on the sun and how it goes to allahs throne prostrates. He says is no scientific evidence for this
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    Are you guys all british

    Are all of you British
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    Islamic view on the revolving of sun

    Assalam .. whats the islamic view on whih way the sun goes. Like i mean do we beleive that the sun rotates the earth or vice versa. Because ulama lik shaykh ibn baz , utaymeen, ahmed barlawi have that opinion but its scientifically incorrect
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    Multiple personality disorder or Jinn possesion

    i was watching this video where they showed this lady who got crazt and said stuff like " i gonna kill u and stuff" then it was saying that back in the day this would be called a demonic possesion but know we know due to modern science this is multiple personality disorder. im thinkin noo way...