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    Malaysia/ KUL

    :salam2: Inshallah hope all the brothers and sisters are in good health and the highest of Emaan. Is anyone from Malaysia here? :hijabi: I am planning to go there soon so any advise will be helpful. :SMILY259: Jazzak-Allah Khairyan :wasalam::SMILY259:
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    Ex Tower Hamlet Cnclr/Abdul Rahim

    :salam2: Inshallah hope everyone is in good health and the highest of Emaan. Can anyone shed any light of Ex Cnclr Abdul Rahim? I need this guys profile can anyone help? :wasalam:
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    I am going to perform Hajj

    :salam2: Inshallah hope all my brothers and sisters are in good health and the highest of Iman. I will like to share a good news with all of you,Inshallah I am planning to perforn Hajj this year.(Alhamdullilah) I will like to ask for a request from all of you,please forgive me if I have...
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    Eid in the Square held in Trafalgar Square............

    :salam2: everyone, Just wanted to find out did any sisters or brother go to "Eid in the Square" held in Trafalgar Square,London? It was packed with sisters and brothers.......:muslim_child: :wasalam:
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    Dance floor

    :salam2: All. I recently went to a asian mehndi,and there was loud asian music at the background and sisters wear dancing and there were no film crew by the way. Is that okay sisters to dance in front of sisters? I got forced by friends to the dance floor to dance,but I didn`t move a...
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    :salam2: All, Inshallah everyone well and breathing...:SMILY149: Does anyone know if this is true or is it a cultural thing.... If you step outside of the house,they say its not good to come next to a newborn baby straight after.(Age:1 day to 3 months plus) :wasalam:
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    Car back window/arabic Clgrphy)

    :salam2: All, Inshallah hope everyone is in good health.I wanted to find out if anyone knows that is it haram or in another term wrong to have a sura`h or a ayat from`the Quràn in "arabic" engraved or printed on the back window of a car. Jazzak-Allah Khair in advance.:SMILY149: :wasalam:
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    :salam2: Inshallah hope all brothers and sisters are well. I have a friend who appreciates the way her hair is BUT it is a little thin and it makes her hair look flat and no volume to it, now getting to the point she asked me if it is halal to use “Nourknin”which gives a result to...
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    Buying a Property down Saudi Arabia

    :salam2: Does anyone know how much do properties cost in Saudi Arabia???? (I think Saudi Arabia is the best place to buy a property,It will be wonderful......) Inshallah I will love to save up and buy a property down there....  (Lol that will take some time......) It will be so nice...
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    Bright scarf....

    :salam2: Just wanted to find out did anyone know about this.."Colourful scarf"... heard it on Islam channel...Q & A You shouldn`t wear bright,pattern scarf...(It will catch attention...) :wasalam:
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    Red Bull (Drink)

    :salam2: Is Red bull halal to drink??? It has taurine...Isn`t that a bulls urine????:hijabi: :wasalam:
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    Cadbury & Nestle Chocolates

    :salam2: Hey everyone...just a quick question.. I know cadbury chocs say vegeterian...(Well most do..I realised how "Snack" does not have the vegan approved symbol.. :() Well anyone here do you know if Nestle company is halal???? :wasalam:
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    :salam2: Inshallah hope everyone is in good health...:tti_sister: Has anyone done hajj in this forum??? :wasalam:
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    Theme Parks

    :salam2: Is it haram to go to theme parks...(fun fare....:confused: ) Playing 10p machines...etc..... :wasalam:
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    :salam2: Inshallah hope everyone is in good health. I just wanted to find out,Is it haram to work as a "Mortgage Broker"???:SMILY139: :wasalam:
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    Essential Du'as / Supplications

    :salam2: Greeting another Muslim As salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. Translation: May the peace of Allah descend upon you and His Mercy and Blessings When salaam is conveyed (when some conveys salam to you on another's behalf). Alayka wa alay-his salaamu wa...
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    :salam2: :SMILY149: sister and brothers, Inshallah hope everyone is in good health.:SMILY288: I have this question to ask which I have a answer to but I have no evidence,but someone told me there is a hadith related to this. Inshallah let me start off,I have heard that it is not good...
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    :salam2: (Something I read,I thought I share with everyone:SMILY346: ) Why are you so sad? And why is it so bad, When someone leaves you behind, Won't you ever know, Don't you realise It's just a part of life, When you fall in love With someone sometime It's smile with a broken...
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    Ever Wonder Why?

    :salam2: Why a Jew can grow his beard in order to practice his faith But when Muslim does the same, he is an extremist and terrorist! Why a nun can be covered from head to toe in order to devote herself to God But when Muslimah does the same she oppressed When a western women...
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    :salam2: " There was once a man who was going to travel to a dangerous land. He goes to the house of a man, well known for his honesty. He knocks on the door and tells him: I'm giving you $1440 to keep with you as I am travelling to a dangerous place. When I get back, I only want...