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    Muslim Word Search

    If you want to create your own Muslim word searhes or other Isamic puzzles check out the discovery channels puzzle maker it is very easy to use.
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    Assalam Alaikum

    Hi i am from the united states father of three. I am a convert to Islam. I took Shahada more than 12 years ago. I hope to learn and share on this site.
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    Fantastic Picture

    if you cannot see the picture you can click on link to it.
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    Islamic pictures(.Gif)

    assalam alaikum these pictures are great.
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    Abu Usamah's response Green Lane Mosque

    Assalam Alaikum I have never heard of where the prohphet warned agaisnt fiery rhetoric, is this in a hadith or in the Quran? I would like to know for I have been having this discussion with sevreal brothers who seem to enjoy giving fiery rhetoric.
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    Good luck= Shirk?

    very well said
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    Valentine`s Day

    another holiday promoted by hallmark and cthe chocolate industry. now, is it Haram for me to stock up on chocolate today? all the unsold valentines day candy is on-sale.
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    Good luck= Shirk?

    I can see both the points you have here. as the phrase good luck is used more as a well wishing, i do not see it as shirk. course it would probably be better just to make a short dua for the person.:arabi1:
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    Iran Refutes US Claims

    I have noted a ramping up of the Anti-shia propaganda and anti-persian propaganda. i am wondering if this is a conerted effort by the American government so that when Bush invades Iran he will already have most of the Sunni muslims and Arabs chomping at the bit in support of the invasion of Iran.
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    Vote Against Banning Burqas in the Netherlands

    Why is it that people always seem to be trying to tell women how to dress.