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    My husband is trying to get married!?

    Me and my husband isolated just about a year prior. A month after we isolated he got into another relationship. Don't actually mind, bravo. All through our relationship he was an ongoing liar (actually is), intellectually and truly oppressive, and has likewise pointed a firearm at me. The...
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    Am I overreacting?

    My husband and I are in similar gatherings on FB so in case I made this post there he would assemble 2+2. I need to divorce my Husband since he doesn't show me any fondness, and when I get disturbed on the grounds that he doesn't, he pins it on my being Bipolar...
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    Some days are so much harder than others

    My husband and I are as of now isolated. We have been hitched coming up on 8 years and together for just about 11. The division was on me. I left after he continued returning to drinking even after I caused him to find support. I don't lament my choice, yet occasionally are simply hard. I...
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    Stbxh tells our daughter he's never coming back

    I'm in the early phases of divorce no doubt, and have a just about 5 year old little girl and a multi month old. My stbxh and I used to reside abroad, however while I was pregnant I returned to my family home with my girl. It was a kind of separation, yet truly...
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    How can I ever explain what the abuse did to me

    It's truly disappointing, getting these dumb instant messages. You inquiring as to whether I will attempt once more, how you're willing to attempt, how tragic and desolate you are. I imparted the divorce desk work to you since I'm attempting to make this safe for me. I need to give you no...