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    Essalam alaykoum wa rahmattou llah.. I'm a student from the north of France...I'm studying mathematics at the university. I intend to go abroad (UK or Ireland ) this summer, to improve my English speaking.. so I seek you to have information about the possibility of finding an accommodation...
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    Dead imam while he gives a course

    I want to share with you brothers&sisters this emotional video,which proves that the death is close to each ps: i'm sorry if it is not the good place! wa ssalam alaykoum
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    Meshary Alarada - Farshy AlTurab Islamic Nasheed

    this Nasheed is about life and the hereafter...
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    intersting link to listen to the Holy Qur'an

    I want to share with my brothers & sisters this link: Bonne écoute.
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    Let me to introduce myself

    Essalam_alaykoum wa rahmatou Allah wa barakatouh.. my name's Ismaïl, i'm from France.. I joined this site because it's a very good islamic website and interesting to share some information about my religion (Islam) Thank you! :SMILY335: