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  1. nafeesa

    please help urgently

    i am searching for the qoute -----if you wish to know the value of 1 year ak a student who has missed a year ,if you wish to know the value of 1 minute ask a person who missed his train ----------- please help me complete this
  2. nafeesa

    can someone please tell me ...

    Asalaam alaykum, Can someone please tell me where can I find Quran's recitation from Imam Uthman Mustafa Kamal ? I was successfull in finding the Amma Juz but I wanted surah Bakarah and some other surahs apart from Amma. Jazak Allah khair salaam:blackhijab:
  3. nafeesa

    can anyone tell me

    Salaam alaykum, Can anyone tell me where can i find concordance of the quran .according to alphabets A to Z... online ( but free not to buy ). Jazak Allah
  4. nafeesa

    where can I find it ?

    Asalaam Alaykum can anyone tell me where can I find 40 hadis qudsi in MP3 format so that I can download on my cell and memorise it ,insha Allaah Jazak Allaah
  5. nafeesa

    Can anyone tell me !

    Salaam Alaykum Please can anyone tell me where can i find single audio verses to download.. i.e. surah Baqarah verse 185 .. single verses to download rather then whole surahs.. Its URGENT Jazak Allah
  6. nafeesa

    it urgent ! if anyone could tell me!

    Asalaam alaykum i would like to know where can i find the authentic story of hassan (r.a) and hussain (r.a) . the proper authentic story..i am a person who follows the quran and sunnah therefore i want to know it through right sources,jazak Allah khair salaam...
  7. nafeesa

    can anyone tell me !

    Asalaam Alaykum can anyone tell me where can i find the whole tafsir of ibn Kahtir to download . its urgent . Jazak Allah salaam
  8. nafeesa


    Salaam Alaykum a sister needs help and i thought to discuss her issue here for an advice, she told me that a family friend came down to their place and gave in some money to give to a poor muslim family so that they dont have any money problems during ramadhan (for...
  9. nafeesa

    take the benifit !

    :salam2: I recieved it form a sister in Islam so thought to share with here Remember In prays oops the file isnt attached ...let me try it again salaam :blackhijab:
  10. nafeesa

    does anyone know ...

    Salaam Alaykum i hope it isnt a wierd question... wanted to know Hajrat Bilal's biography ,till what age he lived ? was he married ? did he have kids etc . does anyone know ......:blackhijab: :shymuslima1: Salaam
  11. nafeesa

    find scenary pictures ?

    salaam alaykum Any idea where u find all beautifful pic of scenary,sky,ocean etc :ma:
  12. nafeesa

    Soorat Ta-ha !

    salaam alaykum I just went through this and though to share it here,May Allah guide us in the right way Ameen :tti_sister: Is there any saheeh hadeeth about the virtues of Soorat Ta-Ha? Question: I would like to find out about the virtue of reading Soorat...
  13. nafeesa

    shaikh dies while giving lecture !!!

    Salaam Alaykum The right time and place !!! May Allah s.w.t. bless him with the hightest place in Jannah ,Ameen:tti_sister: Watch it !!! Salaam Alaykum
  14. nafeesa

    need help

    salaam alaykum can any one help me where can i find good recitation of well known qari's, reciting the verses so slow that it would be easily understood and easy to memorize. Jazak Allah salaam alaykum:blackhijab: