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  1. Salmirah

    Islamic Baby Names

    Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters! Can anyone please help me out with this? Is it permissible to put Abdul before a name that is not Allah's name? Like if we want to keep a name as Abdul Ahyan. I know Abdul means servant and Ahyan means Gift of God. I just wanted to know if Abdul can be put...
  2. Salmirah

    A woman leading the prayer

    Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters! Hope you all are doing good by Allah's mercy :) One question has been spinning around my mind for a long time and I thought I'd ask you all finally and I hope I will get the right answer in sha Allah. Sometimes my mum, grand mother and I pray together in my...
  3. Salmirah

    Meaning of Your Name

    Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters! :hijabi: How are you all doing? Do you know what your name means? My name is Sharmeen Ferdousi. Sharmeen means Shy Ferdousi means Highest garden of Jannah. I don't know how to connect my first name to the last name :confused-55: but I'm happy with it :D...
  4. Salmirah

    Sisters Salam to everyone

    Assalamualaikum everyone! I am a muslim SEO. I'm working for a Hajj & Umrah service provider company in UK, Ahmed Travel. For further information you can contact me. :)