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    Asalaamealykum warahmatulah wabarkatuhu! InshAllah I hope you are in the best of Health and emaan! Plese read this and do not ignore it! Shiekh Muhammad El Salamouni (A former Imaam at Regents Park Mosque- Central London) was attacked by a racist yob a few years ago. This brutal attack...
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    Lost in this world

    Alsaamealykum warahmatullah wabarkatuhu! With the Grace of Allah I hope your all well inshAllah. Just like you guys I have a passion for poetry as well so I thought I will share one with you. Let me know what you all think inshAllah I hope you like it :-D. Its probably not as good, when...
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    Asalaamealykum warahmatullah wabarkatuhu im kind of new lol

    Asalaamealykum warahmatullah wabarkatuhu! with the Grace of Allah i Hope you are all well! i thought i should drop you all a line and introduce myself inshAllah..... i joined TTI in 2007.... however after joining i didnt come back untill this month lol... which means i have returned to TTI...