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    Quick reply required!!!

    Salamu alykum wrwb Kindly help me with some islamic sites where we can seek interpretation of Dreams.. Waiting.. Wassalamu alykum wrwb Aroojimran
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    Why I was away from TTI.....

    Salamualykum wrwb I am on TTI Network after quite a long and seems as if it has been for ages that I was away.. Believe me,though I was away,but would always be reminded of the TTI Family and my dear freinds,Brother Ahmad Indian,Asja,Hibba,Ayesha,Fadda,KSA Lover and others.. I was away...
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    Salamu alykum EID-MUBARAK to You!! Kindly helpme out with an issue in case somebody misses the EID prayers,what is the alternative for that... Waiting...
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    Salamu alykum Kindly helpme out with an issue in case somebody misses the EID prayers,what is the alternative for that... Waiting...
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    Salamualykum To all the Brothers and sisters in Islam Eid Mubarak!! Wishing you a Glorious Eid1! Aroojimran
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    Assalamu alykum wrwb I have come up with another strange thing here in UAE,though I am not attributing it to the region.... Whenever I board a Taxi to commute large distances,I often find the drivers(NoN Locals)using abusive language if someone tries to overtake or change the lane...
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    In search of a Forum!!!

    Salaam alykum The complexities of life are increasing day by day..There are so many issues that we confront these days and which leave us pondering and fretting as to how we should follow.. I know Quraan and the Hadees are the norms against which we must hold the issue n make a...
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    Itz Pathetic!!!

    Assalaamu Alykomm Brothers and Sisters Your kind attention plzz My heart is very heavy over something so i thought of sharing it with you... Whenever i visit any hypermarket in UAE,my heart bleeds at the site of Pork being at sale,readily available...The worst part is that you get...
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    I M Back on TTI Network

    :salam2:to all Brothers n sisters on TTI Network,esp brother Mabsoot n sister Asja Believe me having been away from TTI has given me an incomplete feeling,but i got over busy with my wedding proceedings and had to relocate to UAE soon after my wedding.. Alhumdulillah,all went well and...
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    Any dream interpreter here???

    :salam2 I have had a dream long ago which stills mystifies me.. Could anyone help with proper interpretation?Do let me know.. :wasalam:
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    Asja,My Ambivert sis!!

    Dear sister Asja Salamualykum Thank u so much for ur warm welcome..Hope that this special bonding on the TTI Network lasts for ever..Though i m back to normal life,but i havent recovered keep praying for me..Go thru my PM Your Loving sister:hearts: Aroojimran
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    Thanks to all!

    Salamoalykum! I have joined TTI Network after my surgery today and believe me i felt too good to read the messages of good wishes from my brothers and sisters on TTI Network,particularly,Ayman,HaqRehman,Imad,Ibn-adam77,Sumaya_02,Asja,Hijab,Prosperous,Amirah and Fada_All... Indeed we are...
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    M Happy to be back on TTI Network!

    :salam2:to all! M back after two weaks almost and believe m eit seems as if it has been ages together. I thank all those brothers and sisters who had prayed for my better health.JAZAKALLAHU KHAIR! :wasalam:
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    Dont forget to pray!

    :salam2:All brothers and sisters I will be away from this lovely network for at least 10days as i already mentioned that I m undergoing a surgery.. Plz pray for me n my recovery! Till thn take care! :wasalam:
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    plz go thru this

    :salam2: This is a simple test. If you love Allah and you are not ashamed of all the great things that he has done for you, send this to everyone you know. In The Name Of Allah, the most Beneficent, the Most Gracious, the most Merciful! Rasulullah S.A.W. said, 'Jannah lies under the feet of...
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    Plz make dua for me!

    :salam2:Brothers and sisters Wanted to inform all of you that im undergoing a surgery tomorrow..I have theatre phobia wich is trobling me a lot..Plz make dua for me.. :shymuslima1:
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    :salam2: Brothers n Sisters! Once a man was busy in ablutions(WUDDU)at an International airport in France.A person was watching him closely and when he was done with the ablutions the latter approached him and asked what he was doing.The person told him that it is an act of cleaning the body...
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    How can a muslim be so harsh??

    :salam2::salam2: I am into deep contemplation as to y and how a muslim can be so harsh!I know a some people who cunningly pick some fault of others and use them over over to malign the person and to cover up their own bad deeds!! However hard u try to make them understand,they remain...
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    I will pray for u staright from my heart!

    :salam2: Cud anyone help me out by sending Last breath by Ahmad Bukhatir? Believe me,I will pray for the person right from my heart bcz Bukhatir Nasheeds really touch my Heart n bring me into a close proximity to Allah! :wasalam:
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    plz pay attention!

    Dear brothers and sisters,:salam2: The Belief In The Last Day The Last day is the Day of Resurrection on which people will be resurrected to receive recompense and reckoning . It is named as such because there is no day after it. On this Day the people Al-Jannah will settle in their...