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  1. hager

    help get over confession?

    Asalam aliku,bro,sis well..i need littel help to get over a feeling.. well.guys..from days..i was talking to my grandma well.. she told me..that..our family.belong to "ali Ebn-Aby tabl""redy allah Anah" well. guys...i feel like.i dunno..i'm happy in da same time i confused.. I'm good...
  2. hager

    it's important thread pls,bro ,sis

    salam a likum,bro,sis Love all of u for the sake of Allah Just want talk about Chance....Chance ALLAH give to US everyday when we wake up,but we didn't feel.. Chance for doing good deeds Chance For honing Your Life Want know this chance? Let's take a trip togather..While we're sleeping...
  3. hager

    guys,I bought LapTop

    salam a likum,bro/sis i just want say that i bought laptop..i'm so happy ,cuz i got it i was in need for it...for presentations so on... thx allah,really I have Quiz:. how i could connect my laptop with net? there's something called wirless..?what that mean? can anyone help me?
  4. hager

    How To Choose A friend

    [B][SIZE="5"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Choosing Friends Human beings are by nature social beings who interact, are interdependent, and thus, in need of friends and companions. Much of our lives are spent in such social associations, and friendship is indeed an essential component in human...
  5. hager

    Help Me,i'm depressed

    salam,bro,sis Sorry for being writing always..and asks for help ,but this's time..i wouldn't asks for help just quiz? Why some people refuse to hep eachother? why some people use dirty method in their business? these people when they go to u think they sleep..they doesn't...
  6. hager

    How Long have u been A Memeber In TTI?

    salam a likum.. how're u bro,sis.. tell me,guys: "SINCE when u're a member in TTI???? about me:from 7 months.. what about u? who's older? who's newest?
  7. hager

    help me,please

    salam a likum how's all of u? well,i just want say ,want talk with some one..some one could answer me,Guide me? the first thing: why i see muslims girls dates guys without their families know? i said "to one of my friend"i't's haram" and i give her the proof ,from qur'an..she doesn't...
  8. hager

    the relation between Faith and Hope..

    salam a likum warhamt allah wa brarkato, Hope all of you in a good health,inshaalllah Today I want talk about The Relation between faith and Hope u know,guys when we feel that we have strong Faith.. Allah give us the Hope,and The patience... and if we want the strong faith,and the...
  9. hager

    Share ur experience,How U win when the Satan try to cheat u and lead u to wrong way

    Salam a likum,bro,sis 'Miss all of u so much..reallysorry for not being abel to come here sooner.. was so busy with school,work everything... here i'm...i come again:muslim_child: Let's make People Active...:lol::lol::lol: the thread about : Write something that satan,try to cheat u...
  10. hager

    What's ur favourite Wisdom?

    Salam o likum,bro/sis hope all of u in agood health,doing well in ur life, My Quiz's What's ur favourite wisdom? Hope i get alot of answer..i'd love to get more experience from memebers..:SMILY139::SMILY139:
  11. hager

    the difference between repentance "Tawba "and forgiveness "maghfira"?

    The difference between repentance and forgiveness Question:What is the difference between tawba(repentance) and maghfira(forgiveness) Answer: Istighfaar (seeking forgiveness) is of two types, depending on whether the word is used alone or is accompanied by the word tawbah (forgiveness)...
  12. hager

    Do u think We love eachother?

    Do u think that human beings love eachother?MSG? With all of these conflicts arounds us With all of these races with all of these hurts To everyone who have broken hurt, To everyone who feel so confused To everyone who have problem with family,friend,wife,husband,sister.. To...
  13. hager

    Will the women in Paradise cover their faces? Will they see the Messenger and greet h

    well,i find this in islam -qa i though sister,would love to read it.. Will the women in Paradise cover their faces? Will they see the Messenger and greet him with salaam? Question: Will the women in Paradise cover their faces? Will they see the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah...
  14. hager

    How many times u read qur'an..?

    hey,guys.. miss all of u again..:SMILY252::SMILY252: well, i have quiz.. i want to see ur answers How many time u read qur'an ? please,apoll with thread:muslim_child::muslim_child:
  15. hager

    worship Moon/Sun????

    salam o likum Miss allllllllll TTI,:SMILY252::SMILY252:members,sorry just some stuff,thx allah i''m fine now..much better:muslim_child: Now, i have quiz people who worship Moon,Sun...they will get punish alright? i need verse from qur'an ,or something from sunnah[/ what about? if...
  16. hager

    So important

    sala o likum bro,sis please,guys.. Don't forget reading sourt's friday.. سورة الكهف
  17. hager

    Quiz..try to answer it..

    well i have quiz? Do You afraid of the Day of judgement? if so.. Why u Afraid? what's the mistakes u's awful?and u 'll get punish? it's interesting quiz,really about my answer Yes-No.. i'm good girl,nice,treat everything softly, my best to be good muslim.. ,i...
  18. hager

    Any help please?i'll apperciate that?

    salam o likum first i need,sis,brother i feel.. no,i didnt' feel just in my school..we have some people called "akoan muslimen" those people're soooooooooooooooo religious i dunno..sometimes,those people come to our department..and talk about ..our studies,hijab..right/wrong...
  19. hager

    two important

    salam o likum i have two quizzes 1-is listening to music,while exercise...i mean..gym..?u listen to it,just in ex cuz,u need rythm..steps.. 2- i read in the press,that muslim man..cut his wife hand..cuz,she dance"belly dance",in his brother 's weddings Am muslim man...have the right to...
  20. hager

    Cure By Qur'an

    Introduction: God the great and almighty, greated human and brethed spirit in him, he (god) considered this spirit essence of life and a body is a protect vessel of a definite period. He (god) binded his capability to flying in this world. God the great and almighty has a totality...